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Viacom18 asks people what TV means to them on World TV Day

Viacom18’s internal team and Gozoop team up to create a digital film

In today’s ever evolving entertainment landscape, TV is not just a piece of hardware, it’s an ethos and an intrinsic part of our lives. Whether it’s the time we spend with our families or watch covertly on our phones, ‘TV’ is not limited to one room, box or platform.

This World TV Day Viacom18 celebrated the fluidity of TV - whether consumed on a traditional flat-screen, on mobiles, or even laptops. Even what we watch is not restricted, it can be shows and movies, OTT or linear content, music or even video calls with our loved ones. TV in today’s world has multifarious connotations, but in the end it remains unequivocally an irreplaceable part of our lives because of the feeling of comfort it provides in all of us. No matter where we are, TV is always there when we need it. Whether we binge-watch or sit with our families and celebrate everyday togetherness, it’s an all-pervading emotion of warmth and happiness.

Recognising this fluidity and the many faces of TV, Viacom18 asked people what space does TV hold in their lives. Based on this, a digital film was conceptualised by Viacom18’s internal team, created by Gozoop, and released on the network’s social platforms on November 21. The film captured some interesting associations and reactions that people have with Television.

The film:

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