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MX TakaTak launches Diwali campaign #TodPhodDiwali

Along with the likes of Dhanashree Chahal, Kiku Sharda, Rugees and Neetu Bisht - this Diwali, MX TakaTak users can participate in the #TodPhodDiwali challenge and win prizes

MX TakaTak has announced the launch of a campaign in the form of a Diwali party - #TodPhodDiwali. Providing its community with an opportunity to win prizes - including the chance to win touchscreen tablets, the platform is asking its audience to join the party by uploading their unique video of celebrating Diwali in style.

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Be it a guide to Diwali outfits and looking your todphod best, a funny ghar ki saff safai - todphod house cleanup courtesy your mother or a video on how to celebrate Diwali responsibly - With #TodPhodDiwali, all you need to do is upload the video with #TodPhodDiwali.

As a part of the challenge, creators can take inspiration from influencers like Rugees, Neetu Bisht and comedian Kiku Sharda for their content.

Actor Kiku Sharda said, “Short video apps have become one of the critical mediums for artists like us to connect with our fans. I'm incredibly thrilled to partner with MX TakaTak for #TodPhodDiwali. It's such a simple yet fun challenge that allows you to be yourself and celebrate this joyous festival with content across any genre of your choice. The audiences on this platform have always been encouraging and interactive, making the collaboration with the platform seamless”.

MX TakaTak Creator, Model and Influencer, Rugees said, “The lockdown has restricted our celebrations for the festive season, but MX TakaTak is allowing me the chance to share my happiness with so many Indians across the country. You can make any video you like, be it lip-sync, food recipes, rangoli tips, Diwali prep or whichever aspect you most enjoy this season. As someone excited about Diwali every year, I am happy to be a part of the #TodPhodDiwali challenge and you can look forward to an entertaining video that I will put out soon.”

Neetu Bisht, Indian Model and MX TakaTak Creator concluded by saying, “Topical challenges like #TodPhodDiwali by MX TakaTak allow us to bring out the best in us as content creators and I will soon be posting an engaging dance/ lip sync video that highlights the spirit of this festival. Diwali is the one time in the year that I gorge on sweets, play cards with my friends and overall get together with loved ones so we can enjoy each other’s company. I am glad to be able to extend that to my MX family as well.”

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