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iCubesWire seeks to expand Vdx- Animation Studio to meet the rising demand

Vdx Animation Studio is led by the company’s Co-Founder and CBO Nishant Sharma.

Nishant Sharma

iCubesWire Vdx, an animation studio, working on its goal of creating 2D and 3D visual content plans to expand its production capabilities by way of aggressive hiring.

iCubesWire Vdx Studio is led by the company’s Co-Founder and CBO Nishant Sharma.

The studio, based in the company’s headquarters in Gurgaon, consists of a team of over 50 people working for brands like IndiGo Airlines and Adani Group, to name a few. The team is working towards garnering more international projects and hopes to be at the forefront of planning, scripting, creating, editing animation content.

“We are committed to building on to the Vdx business unit and are aggressively adding talent and technology to grow the same. iCubesWire being in the market for 11+ years understands the pulse of the customer and Vdx will continue to build on the same. We have more demand than supply, and that at times is a good challenge to have. UAE is another market we are expecting to see a major demand from,” iCubesWire Founder and CEO Sahil Chopra said.

According to industry reports, it is estimated that by the end of 2021, 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be video.

iCubesWire, the parent company, is a digital marketing agency in India with over 250+ clients, and has presence across Middle East and South East Asia.

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