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Digital leg of Friends Adult dry pants’ ‘Azadi Mubarak’ campaign kicks-off

The campaign aims to bring forth stories of incontinence sufferers from different walks of life

Friends Dry Pants, the Nobel Hygiene brand, has launched the digital leg of its freedom campaign ‘Azadi Mubarak’.

The campaign aims to bring forth stories of incontinence sufferers from different walks of life who have adopted adult diapers and are now enjoying their Azadi.

The series of four animated vignettes bring alive real stories of people from different walks of life, who have suffered incontinence.

It captures how the fear impacted their daily lives at work and in turn, hindered their self-confidence to get back at it. The protagonists also reveal how using the product have helped them fight their worries, regain their lost confidence, and resume their daily lives.

The four animated videos capture the story of a teacher, businessman, traffic police and a stand-up comedian, respectively, who share how small real-life problems like a sneeze, lifting a heavy weight, leads to urine leakage and embarrassment at their workplace.

Kartik Johari, Vice-President – Marketing and e-commerce, Nobel Hygiene, said, “Azadi Mubarak has been our core communication towards raising awareness on incontinence among the elderly. It is important for this dialogue to continue as we encourage them to break taboos and live their lives with the Azadi they deserve. The digital campaign brings it closer to home and throws a light on everyday challenges faced by men and women as they battle the effects of incontinence.”

Navin Talreja, Co-founder, The Womb, said, “For us, every user story is a great story. During our strategic brand research, we heard so many unique instances that we wanted to share them with the world at large. For a sufferer, the more he/she hears about others who face the same problem, they feel – ‘Mere jaise aur bhi duniya mein hai, aur voh apni problem solve kar rahe hai.’ We want to instill confidence in them and be Azad.”

The videos:



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