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Big FM enters the social commerce space with 'Big Living'

The radio network has launched this platform where products are designed for consumers who care for themselves and the environment and want to live a sustainable life

Big FM has ventured into the social commerce space with its latest offering - Big Living. As per Big FM, it is a platform for those who abide by the “Buy Good, Do Good and Feel-Good” way of life. Catering to the myriad needs of their audience, Big FM has launched this platform where products are designed for consumers who care for themselves and the environment and want to live a sustainable life. 

The company said in a statement that in today’s time, it is vital to reach out to the audience and contribute to their wellness. One can make simple tweaks to the consumption patterns with smart environment-friendly, locally crafted products and solutions to live a more enriching life. Keeping this thought in mind, each category of offering by Big Living is designed to cater to the needs of the responsible citizen. It connects the consumers to an array of like-minded brands, artisans and designers who share a similar philosophy of sustainable living. It gives a wide-spread platform to bring forward the rich diversity and creative talents that our country has to offer. Each product is specially selected by the RJs from the Big FM family. It enables brands in expanding their footprint to other markets and building a community of people who believe in a brand.

With its expansion into the social commerce space with Big Living, Big FM will offer engaging content through Big Living mantras, DIY tips from the creative experts and Live with Big FM RJs. Big FM will also help the brands with community building exercises by sharing various stories and initiatives and lastly will also offer exciting deals and discounts. Add to that, to drive purchase decisions, RJs will drive advocacy for the curated products on-air and online.

Abraham Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, Reliance Broadcast Network, said, “We are extremely thrilled to present our latest offering Big Living for our listeners and audiences. Over the last one year, with our strong digital footprint expanding rapidly, it is a natural progression to foray into social commerce to build consideration and brand salience thereby venturing into an alternative revenue stream. Sustainable living is the future and we at Big FM are doing our part to be conscious and protective of the environment we live in. Today’s generation is looking up to their credible set of influencers while making their purchasing decisions and we are proud to present a platform to our audience who they can trust for their authentic purchases.”

Sunil Kumaran, Country Head, Product, Marketing and Thwink Big, Big FM, said, “To bring about a positive change, it is the small everyday choices one makes that matters. This very thought is at the core of our offering with Big Living. We have built a one-stop shop that offers sustainable products and modern-day services to the users. Through this platform, we are offering organic products, supporting local businesses and artisans, and offering creative workshops that add value to the user’s life. Big Living leverages our strengths in the area of digitalization and state of the art production capabilities to bring a powerful platform helping brands and consumers to connect. Big RJs are considered as the most trustworthy influencers and social commerce uses these credible influencers to build consideration, thereby impacting purchase decisions. Leading an ecologically sound and conscious living is definitely the need of the hour and hence our platform is accessible 24/7 to everyone across the country.”

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