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Beco takes a dig at utensils cleaning brands in its ad film

Created by ^ a t o m Network, the 50-second film brings the concept of featuring an ad within an ad to give the entire campaign a realistic feel

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Beco has launched its new ad campaign featuring its latest range of home care and cleaning products. The campaign, designed and created by ^ a t o m Network, features Beco's new brand ambassador Dia Mirza.

The campaign takes a direct dig at the widely available and advertised range of home cleaning products that today’s consumers are unaware of as the home cleaners that are bought off the shelves are not only harmful to the environment but also for the family. Beco informs consumers in the ad that its eco-friendly and chemical-free range of home cleaners, laundry liquids and wipes are made safe without the use of harmful chemicals.

Akanksha Gupta, Lead - Marketing, Beco, said, “The homecare category hasn’t seen much innovation for the past 20 years, let alone the sustainable space. Consumers are looking at the same predictive ads, falling for them and unknowingly consuming these products out of habit. However, the fact of the matter is that solutions created by the FMCG brands years ago haven't been reinvented, and therefore is leading to an unhealthy consumption.  Moreover, customers don’t even know that their basic essentials like tissues and cleaners can be harmful. Being India’s 1st natural homecare brand, we want to change and are changing the way people buy these products. Positioning Beco in a captivating, easy-to-understand and impactful fashion, we are bringing in the much-needed disruption. This campaign is just the beginning of a more consumer-focused, data-led, and creative-technology interspersed brand that we’re in the process of building."

The 50-second film brings the concept of featuring an ad within an ad to give the entire campaign a realistic feel. It emphasises that although most over the counter cleaners do the trick of cleaning your homes, the high levels of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals that can be present in them pose a health risk for the users.

The ad further informs that the safe and natural alternative is Beco's new range of antimicrobial dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner, laundry liquid, and tissues made from 100% plant-based ingredients and extracts of essential oils. . These products have natural ingredients as the hero making them suitable for sensitive skin, and homes with babies and pets.

Yash Kulshrestha, CCO, ^ a t o m, said, “Truth is the most powerful sword a brand can possess. We just took it out of the sheath and presented it in a hard-hitting yet entertaining way. The integrated campaign starts with a set of teasers, followed by multiple films starring Dia Mirza, which talks about chemicals left on your dishes after cleaning them with regular dishwashing liquid and how they may contain carcinogenic substances. The category is brimming with loud and look-alike ads with superficial claims. It helped us mount our narrative and highlight the grim part in a more palatable way. We are lucky to have a brave client and an ambassador like Dia Mirza who trusted in our suggestions on how to establish and own strong equity in the space of eco-friendly household products. The campaign is also supported by multiple digital activities which will help in delivering short term business metrics as well.”

Aditya Ruia, Co-Founder of Beco, added, “This campaign aligns with Beco's vision of helping consumers live a more eco-friendly and chemical-free lifestyle. Dia Mirza, a champion for the cause of sustainability, communicates a very clear intent to cultivate the habit of using naturally sourced products. Everyone talks about the idea of sustainable living, but when it comes to real adoption, we are still sticking to harmful products which are not only bad for the earth but also dangerous for every member of the family. We allow them to be used in our house and fall for highly advertised brands by big multinationals. This needs to stop. Using technology, every product of Beco is naturally sourced and uses no harmful chemicals - making them safe for daily use, and are available at affordable pricing.”

The film:


Chief Creative Officer: Yash Kulshrestha

National Creative Director and Vice President: Ananda Sen

Creative Team: Pratik Chavan, Rajat Patekar

Planning Lead: Ruma Singhal

Account Management Lead: Ruhee Chamadia, Goonj Sardana

Production house: Another Idea Productions

Director: Jeet Lotia

Producer: Gaurav Gandhi

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