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Arjun Kapoor loses temper in toothsi’s latest commercial ‘You're Lucky, There's toothsi'

In the campaign, Arjun Kapoor expresses his displeasure with having to wear uncomfortable and inconvenient metal braces during his childhood, and how it would have been easier if he had the option of using toothsi’s clear aligners instead

The at-home smile makeover service, toothsi, has teamed up with actor Arjun Kapoor, for their latest campaign on Clear Aligners. toothsi is leveraging the campaign to enlighten young Indian customers about how fortunate they are to have the choice of using clear aligners instead of conventional metal braces. The advertisement, titled 'You're lucky, there's toothsi,' portrays Arjun Kapoor voicing his dissatisfaction with having to wear the inconvenient metal braces as a youngster, which led to a bunch of insecurities and self-esteem issues in his teenage life.

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It is unusual for a renowned celebrity to disclose his or her vulnerabilities and insecurities to their viewers, and it is precisely this element that makes Arjun Kapoor's commercial realistic. In the commercial, Arjun Kapoor loses his temper and recounts how metal retainers made his childhood days agonizing, and how it would have been a piece of cake if he had the option of using toothsi’s clear aligners instead.

Dr Arpi Mehta, Co-Founder, toothsi, said, “With this campaign, the role of toothsi is much more significant than ever. Bracket tightening, wire replacements, and orthodontic appointments aren't something that today's youngsters look forward to. Nevertheless, with the arrival of toothsi's smile makeover, straightening their teeth has gone from a dreaded necessity to a form of self-care. Since the foundation of toothsi, we have worked diligently to eliminate the problems surrounding conventional braces and offer customers a solution that is contemporary, hassle-free, and more appealing to a wider audience while offering services in the comfort of their own homes. toothsi is committed to delivering a best-in-class blend of orthodontics and technology that will dismantle the traditional concept of braces.”

The campaign:

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