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Rajasekar KS of Matrimony.com authors a book that reads a husband’s mind

Rajasekar, General Manager, Marketing, says ‘How to Read Your Husband Like a Book’ helps married woman understand the inner mind of a husband and enriches their relationship

Rajasekar KS

In an attempt to decode how men and women act in various situations, Rajasekar KS, General Manager, Marketing at Matrimony.com, has penned a book titled ‘How to Read Your Husband Like a Book’ that will help newly married women understand their man and enrich their relationship with this new understanding.

“You’re sure to have ‘ahaa’ moments as you flip through it. To all the married men out there, I’m sorry for revealing what’s on your mind. After all, someone’s got to tell the truth,” he said.

For the last eight years, Rajasekar has been with online matrimony site BharatMatrimony. He spearheaded many projects, including the launch of ‘happymarriages.com, India's guide to a happy marriage’, the ‘Happy Marriage Workshops’ attended by over 30,000 people and a ‘Happy Couples’ programme, which included over 1,500 interviews with newly married couples.

Award-winning marketer, speaker and now writer, he himself has been happily married for 25 years.



In a world where the husband-wife relationship is good fodder for stand-up comedy, this easy-to-read book offers a fresh insight into the inner workings of a ‘husband’s mind’.

Through humorous nuggets and simple illustrations, the book explains how a husband ‘thinks’, what makes him ‘respond’ the way he does, his ‘reaction’ to certain situations that crop up in married life and what a wife can do to avoid friction and get her own way.

Rajasekar said, “All newly married women out there, and even those who've been married for years and losing hair thinking about why they forget your birthday, leave wet towels on the bed, don't notice your new hair style, watch TV when you talk to them — pick up this book and laugh your way through marriage! Husbands, it's time to laugh at yourselves.”

Although he believes men are easy to understand, he said that the truth is they don’t think too much.

“They have just two boxes in their head — ‘things to do now’ and ‘Don’t open this box’. The first accounts for whatever they’re doing at the moment — driving the car, on an office call, loading the washing machine or gazing at the neighbour. The second one is all about weekend relaxation, the game or show tonight on TV, the upcoming meeting with old friends and their very male secrets and fantasies.” he added.

The book has been receiving positive and good response and has been called a ‘delightful and compelling’ read.


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