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Mirchi’s ‘Proudly Local’ campaign aims to create awareness about India’s linguistic diversity

The campaign underlines the importance of being massively multi-local among brands and marketers

Mirchi, a city-centric music and entertainment company, has launched a campaign ‘Proudly Local’ with an aim to build awareness around and underline the importance of being massively multi-local among brands and marketers.

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According to the last government census (2011), over 500 million people in India do not speak Hindi and over 1 billion people do not speak English. Through this campaign, Mirchi aims to create awareness about India’s linguistic diversity and the need for brands to communicate with locals in their local language.

In order to truly connect with their audience, brands must integrate local language, insights and nuances in their communication across platforms like radio, print digital and social media.

To highlight and demonstrate this, Mirchi took to print and digital formats, releasing 12 advertisements across three cities, in foreign languages such as Amharic, Chinese and Korean. This was cheekily done to put marketers in the shoes of local consumers, who do not connect with the Hindi or English marketing initiatives targeted towards them. Through these unique, incomprehensible ad copies, Mirchi aims to pique the interest of marketers across India. To satiate their intrigue and help them join the dots, the brand redirected them to their microsite which highlighted the diversity of India’s lingual ecosystem and the need for multi-localisation. Moreover, it also provides access to a white paper on “Marketing to the real India in post-pandemic times”, which delves into the intricacies of strategising for Indian markets in the new normal, shares case studies and provides an understanding of impactful hyperlocal solutions.

Nandan Srinath, Executive President, Mirchi said, “We are the largest hyperlocal music and entertainment brands in the country. Over the years we have grown to cater to numerous markets within India, in their local language, through a multitude of our offerings—radio, digital content, original content and on-ground activations. We understand the importance of speaking in the consumers’ language and the power it holds to connect with them. Thus, through the launch of our campaign, Proudly Local, we want to create awareness about not just the language barriers that are still prevalent in the marketing community, but also the need to examine local nuance and insights, local knowledge, local mediums and local action. Our client’s brands perform differently in each of their markets, and we help craft solutions across multiple media based on our local teams’ local insights.”

Throughout the course of the campaign, Mirchi aims to share their insights, platforms, content, and other curations with brands across India to help them connect and engage with their target audience.

Click the link to view Mirchi’s big reveal and check out and learn how to be ‘Proudly Local.’ Sign up to receive a white paper on ‘Marketing to the real India in post-pandemic times’.

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