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How Senco is trying to break the clutter of wedding jewellery ads

With its new ‘Senco di Wedding’ campaign in the form of a music video, the brand is trying to communicate to the masses across markets by bringing out the fun element of weddings

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A quiet bride, slow music, dramatic dialogues, rituals and customs in the background are typical ingredients of a wedding campaign for jewellery brands. Jewellery retail brand Senco Gold and Diamonds tries to break away from such typified ads with its new campaign ‘Senco di Wedding’.

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Conceptualised by Brainspun Communications, the campaign that targets a larger audience highlights the proposition that it is not just two individuals but two families who get married.

Shot like a music video, the film has the flavours of a typical north Indian wedding. It shows different family members walking the ramp and showing their jewellery. Instead of being quiet and shy, the bride is dancing along with the entire family. Instead of being dramatic, the music and lyrics are quirky and quickly grab one’s attention.

The campaign film:

Suvankar Sen

Suvankar Sen, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Senco Gold, said, the sales of jewellery for families has gone up in recent times. “The trend after Covid is of intimate weddings. Close-knit groups and families are celebrating and having a good time. At our stores also, the purchase of jewellery for the family has gone up, the reason is that the periphery cost of these small celebrations is in control and most spends are being done on jewellery,” he said.

Sen said people always talk about jewellery for brides but they also believe the marriage is not just of the bride and the groom but of two families. They are celebrating as much as the bride and the groom.

“The agency then came up with the concept of ‘family di wedding’ and said we must look at it differently. This is how we came up with the music video and fashion show,” he concluded.

Nilanjan Dasgupta

Nilanjan Dasgupta, Founder and Chief Content Officer at Brainspun Communications, who directed the film, said they received a brief for a wedding film from the brand. The brief suggested that Senco, which was earlier a player from East India, is now present in the North, West and Southern markets, and wanted something that can connect with audiences across markets.

“We at Brainspun took a different approach. When you look at people at a marriage and the way they deck up, it looks like the wedding of everyone, not just the couple. We worked on this insight and came up with ‘Family di Wedding yani Senco di Wedding’. The whole creative idea was that at a marriage function, the entire marriage hall turns into a ramp because everyone gets dressed that way. We thought of doing a funky, Bollywoodish thing through a music video,” he said.

Shivaji Dasgupta

Shivaji Dasgupta, Founder and Managing Director of Inexgro Brand Advisory, said weddings across the country are trying to be more fun. “More and more people who attend weddings are trying to have more fun with it and hence the film captures a cross-cultural perspective.” He said audiences across markets will be able to connect with it.

“As marketers, everyone only focuses on the bride, but sometimes men are a part of the equation as well. Often, the main two or three members of the family also shop for jewellery. This is an interesting insight. Too much wedding advertising is mellow mood advertising. We are debunking the seriousness of weddings and making it fun.”

How the campaign will be amplified

When asked about the media plans for the campaign, Sen said while the main focus will be on digital, they are looking to target consumers through affinity marketing techniques. 

“60-70% of the media spend will be on digital, there will be limited outdoor. We have noticed that in the last two-three years, the overall impact of print has come down and so the potential customer segment that we are seeing will be influenced through affinity marketing. The AV that we have made is a minute-long concept and it is not always possible to give the message in 10-15 seconds on TV advertisements. Hence it will mostly be digital and partially outdoor, and minimal print.”   

The brand has come up with a separate ‘Senco di Wedding’ page that will educate consumers looking for jewellery and related items about Senco and its products. “The page will try to determine the kind of jewellery the consumer needs for different family members, making the experience more fun for the consumer,” explained Sen.

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