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Britannia hopes to keep growth graph going in snacking category, goes for mix of traditional, digital

Cautiously optimistic of the festive season, the brand recently launched a regional campaign for the east market, which contributes 67% of its total sales. Vinay Subramanyam, VP, Marketing, Britannia Industries, says Bengali language resonates with a major segment of its consumers

Vinay Subramnayam

The snacking category, which is eyeing a stronger festive season this year, hopes to further fuel the growth it witnessed during the lockdown, especially in the regional markets.

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Keeping in mind these expectations, Britannia recently launched a new regional campaign named ‘Snacker Cracker’ for its NutriChoice Sugar-Free Cracker range, with Bengali actor Abir Chatterjee.

Vinay Subramanyam, VP, Marketing, Britannia Industries, told BestMediaInfo that east India is the biggest market for the health cracker category and has a salience of 78%.

“For Britannia NutriChoice crackers, east contributes to 67% of its total sales. This was our primary reason for launching the campaign in the Bengali language as it resonates with our major segment of consumers,” he said.

The pandemic led to an uptake in the healthy snacking segment and thus the brand is hopeful of gradual growth.

“A lot of factors come into play and the pandemic has made sure we account for uncertainty. So with everything considered, we are cautiously optimistic this festive season,” he added.

In terms of its marketing strategy, it has gone for digital aligning with the challenges of current times.

Subramanyam, however, said there is always an equal effort to take the traditional route by keeping safety guidelines in place. So, it plans to go for an apt mix of both digital and traditional platforms to reach its audiences across the country.

Out-of-home consumption converted into in-home consumption during the pandemic, driving the growth of the snacking category.

The Snacker Cracker campaign aims to leverage the insight that consumers consciously steered away from buying food from outside or indulging in unhealthy snack options during the lockdown.

Sharing its thoughts behind on-boarding Chatterjee for the brand, he said the actor has been a part of its journey since the re-launch.

“We believe Abir can drive inspiration and participation in the recipe contest in the east market, where he is a renowned star across households. This campaign is being launched in Bengali, Assamese, Odiya and English for the Eastern market,” he said.

The TVC:

The brand has launched a contest, inviting homemakers, work-from-home audience, and different age groups to sample the product not just as a biscuit but also a healthier and crispy base ingredient for a quick snack or a meal anytime in the day.

The campaign conceptualised by Lowe Lintas, Bangalore highlights how the cracker is so versatile that it can be used in a variety of ways to create quick snacks throughout the day. While the actor dons the hat of a chef in the TVC, the brand is hoping to convey the versatility of the biscuit to the audience.

Asked ROI the brand is looking at, he said, “We see returns on our investment in terms of being able to successfully convey the versatility of the product and having more conversations and interactions with our target consumers.”

“We aim to provide our consumers with that healthy, delicious and DIY base ingredient that can be easily prepared by anyone, at any time. The cracker is not only thin, light and crispy but also sugar-free, thus adding value to the increasingly health conscious audiences. The campaign will amplify the offering,” Subramanyam added.

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