The Script Room crafts campaign for CoinSwitch Kuber

The concept of the campaign is hinged on disclaimers in financial services advertising. It is to support the growth of cryptocurrencies and enhance through TV and digital footprint. The Script Room is slated to work on two films for the campaign

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The Script Room crafts campaign for CoinSwitch Kuber

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The Script Room, a writers' hub, and a bespoke audio-visual creative agency, has been appointed by CoinSwitch Kuber, a cryptocurrency investment platform, for their next advertising campaign. The main aim of the campaign will be to create a positive awareness around Bitcoin while positioning CoinSwitch as a premier crypto trading platform.

The Script Room is slated to work on two films for the campaign. The concept is hinged on disclaimers in financial services advertising while giving it a creative twist. And it’s been crafted in the form of shorter duration ads targeted at the cricket-viewing audience. 

Ayyappan Raj, Co-founder of The Script Room, said, “It’s a very young brand in a very new category. Combined with ambitious goals and a high energy team, it’s no surprise that we were able to co-create some really exciting and bold work. It’s a pleasure working with Swati and her team at CoinSwitch as they really regard and celebrate good ideas. The campaign has been well-received; we hope to continue this association through many more films.” 

Co-founder Ramsam said, “Financial services advertising is most often done with a lot of gravitas, seriousness and generally in the emotional territory. The entire Cryptocoin being a relatively new category we thought we should try something that’s really cool and fresh. The creative is basically a take on the usual disclaimers that come along with finance ads and we have given it an interesting twist. We are delighted by the way Akankhsa visualised the films and brought it alive.”

Swati Pincha, Head of Growth at Coinswitch, added, “The partnership with The Script Room brings in innovative ways for us to look at our goal of making India more aware about crypto. Our user base has good representation from all across India and making sure that these new and young investors are well informed is our greatest priority."

The demand for cryptocurrencies has been strong across the country, predominantly among upwardly mobile Indians. To support this growth and enhance through the TV and digital footprint, CoinSwitch Kuber and The Script Room are happy to announce this association.

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