PlayerzPot awards its digital and marketing mandate to Interactive Avenues

The agency rebrands the identity for the online fantasy gaming sports platform at every brand touchpoint, app logo, tagline, and digital-first brand and consumer strategy

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PlayerzPot awards its digital and marketing mandate to Interactive Avenues

Online fantasy gaming sports platform PlayerzPot has awarded its digital and marketing mandate to Interactive Avenues, a Reprise Network company. On the brink of the first phase of IPL 2021, this included efforts of rebranding the identity at every brand touchpoint, the app logo, tagline, and digital-first brand and consumer strategy.

Owing to the lockdowns last year, the category and the app itself gained a lot of momentum in terms of rising user base and recognition. Therefore, the turn of the year was a great opportunity to completely revamp the brand’s look and feel, giving it one that keeps up with the hopes and aspirations of the existing as well as potential audiences.

The team defined clear-cut and long-term benchmarks to piggyback on and created a new and differentiated avatar that is slick, youthful, and vibrant. The new logo is inspired by the unpredictable ‘spin’, which cuts across games and sports and is a motif that illustrates the importance of skills needed to play.

This mirrors the brand’s purpose of building a delightful playing field for aspiring and skilled gamers across the country and therefore lending itself the tagline of ‘India Ka Naya Maidan’. This new tagline was brought to life with a bassline-thumping rap performed by Kaam Bhaari – one of India’s most influential rappers. This digital commercial featured brand ambassadors Bhuvaneshwar Kumar and Smriti Mandhana, showing us the world of PlayerzPot as an exciting new playing field. This is the perfect contender to be an anthem for every sporting season this year, and it was the perfect start to the phase 1 IPL campaign as well.

Sunil Yadav, CEO, PlayerzPot, said, “We’re looking forward to a great long-term relationship as our offerings expand. Given the way this category functions, we have our work cut out for us and Interactive Avenues will be more than just a digital partner in achieving all that we set out to do, especially now that we have set a great benchmark. The only way is up.”

Eshwari Pandit, Creative Director at Interactive Avenues, said, “PlayerzPot’s multi-game and fantasy sports offerings are clearly poised to be India’s new playground. We knew we had to build a unique edge to get noticed. While the branding and the tagline paint a vibrant, inviting world that will excite every kind of gamer, the rap itself serves as an earworm and a reminder of what the platform has to offer.”

Suraj Talaulikar, Creative Director at Interactive Avenues, said, “It takes skill to play and come out on top of your game – the ‘spin’ motif defines just that. Unpredictability and excitement. The new identity creates a differentiator, without alienating the audience, and that’s what I believe gives it an edge above the rest.”

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