I have learnt more from storytelling than classroom learning, says Gaurav Tyagi of Interactive Avenues

In a chat with BestMediaInfo, a High Chair winner at the Rising Star awards, Tyagi, Media Director, Digital at Interactive Avenues, said the changing nature of advertising makes it both fun and challenging. He said it's important to stay updated with new technology and trends in digital marketing as it's becoming more personalised and experiential

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I have learnt more from storytelling than classroom learning, says Gaurav Tyagi of Interactive Avenues

Gaurav Tyagi

Gaurav Tyagi, Media Director, Digital at Interactive Avenues, believes he has learnt more from storytelling than from classroom learning.

The High Chair winner for Unacademy’s ‘Let’s Crack it and Prodigy campaigns’ at BestMediaInfo’s Rising Star Awards, Tyagi also says movies and spirituality are a conversation starter.

“I believe I’ve learned more from storytelling than from classroom learning. That is how I acquired my soft skills, from movies and experiences,” Tyagi said.

In an interaction with, he told us that the lack of monotony in advertising makes it so much fun and challenging at the same time. “You also get to work for influential brands and get to explore the creative process around the media rationale.

“There's no set pattern or one-size-fits-all approach. Every brand has its own unique pain point that it has to overcome in order to be successful and it takes a bit of time to get there. In order to deliver the best results, we often have to work in a shorter timeframe, which makes the job challenging," he explained.

Tyagi said the experience of being a Rising Star has been rewarding. It pushed him to work harder on his craft and be a better version of himself.

Talking about the campaign’s success, he said, “The campaign stood out because we were talking to the youth in the language that they understand; the selection of ideas was in perfect sync with the overall campaign strategy. Prodigy, on the other hand, was unique because it was not just creating awareness and buzz around the exam but also driving the secondary KPIs across enrolment.”

Tyagi started his professional journey with an MBA in marketing. “I got my first job in 2011 in a mobile marketing company, and ventured into email marketing followed by 360-degree digital planning.” He joined Interactive Avenues in 2019 and has been working on a diverse set of portfolios across education, fashion retail, and FMCG, etc., since then.

He aspires to gain all possible knowledge about new technologies and trends in the digital marketing arena as it is becoming more experiential and personalised.

For Tyagi, his peers and seniors are his idols. “It’s his good fortune to be working around inspirational people who’ve already made it big with their hard work.”

He looks up to leaders such as Elon Musk and Kunal Shah, who are pushing the boundaries in their respective industries.

Tyagi calls himself a ‘to-do list’ person. He said he likes to plan his day and align the tasks accordingly, loves to make time for his friends and family, and enjoys a movie break on weekends.

So what would he be doing if not in marketing? Tyagi said, “The only two things I was keen on since the beginning were movies and marketing. So if not in this field, I would probably be a scriptwriter.”

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