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Google TV may soon offer TV channels for free

Smart TV users may be in for some good news from tech giant Google as its smart TV platform Google TV may soon offer free channels to users

Google is looking to soon add free TV channels to its TV platform. Google TV is an Android-based smart TV platform that runs on Chromecast and can play on other smart TVs, including Sony, TCL. Google TV already supports streaming apps such as Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix and others.

According to a report on Protocol, free streaming channels could launch on Google TV with its smart TV partners this year or in early 2022. Additionally, Chromecast owners will be able to browse channels through a Live TV menu.

New free TV channels will be introduced along with these subscription-based live channels. The report said these channels may have ad breaks and on-screen graphics. These efforts are similar to what Samsung is introducing every month on its smart TV range with the TV Plus service.

Even Roku and Amazon have reportedly followed in Samsung's footsteps to offer live channels on their products. Roku, which is not available in India, is said to have added over 200 free channels.

Chromecast users will also get the benefit of adding free live channels to Google TV. Google TV was announced in September last year as a new interface based on Android TV. The company had a live channels framework for aggregating live programming from streaming apps and over-the-air broadcasters, but it never gained much traction.

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