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Colors Gujarati’s new show ‘Maru Mann Mohi Gayu’ is a subtle take on beauty

The new show produced by Kalp Media will trace the journey of a chubby girl from September 27, and air Monday-Saturday, 7.30 pm

Gujarati GEC Colors Gujarati is bringing a unique (Anokhi) story of a chubby girl ‘Maru Mann Mohi Gayu’. The show narrates the story of an optimistic and confident girl Anokhi who becomes the butt of ridicule because she is obese.

Tracing the journey of this chubby girl played by Dhwani Upadhyay, the show will premiere from September 27, Monday-Saturday, 7.30 pm. The show is produced by Kalp Media.

An adaptation of Colors Marathi’s popular show, Sundara Manamadhye Bharali, the show tries to break loose from the shackles of traditional beauty. Anokhi is the perfect girl who is great at cooking, is a great friend, a perfect daughter and tries to keep everyone happy. But is that enough for someone to be loved or will the society be able to see beyond the size? Abhay played by Harshil Desai has a well-fitted body and has a dream of opening his own gym. Together they are like fire and ice and have different views about marriage. 

Darshil Bhatt, Programming Head, Colors Gujarati, said, “Maru Mann Mohi Gayu beautifully captures the rigid definitions of beauty and shape through the journey of Anokhi. Placing the central focus on an overweight lady is unconventional enough to begin with, and Dhwani Upadhyay meets the challenge by owning every moment. The show brings together exceptionally strong characters, outstanding chemistry and an extremely interesting storyline.”

The story is sure to change the so-called definitions of beauty. In spite of being a near perfect girl she gets rejected umpteen number of times because of her size and appearance.

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