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Zandu Balm signs Sonu Sood as brand ambassador, unveils campaign

Directed by Vishal and produced by creative agency Vox Parables, Zandu Balm’s new television commercial featuring Sood urges India to have a spirit of ‘Chale chalo’

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Pain relief balm Zandu Balm from FMCG major Emami Limited recently signed Bollywood actor Sonu Sood as its brand ambassador.

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Sood has been known for his philanthropic activities for underprivileged people. This humane side of the actor came all the more to the limelight when he took personal interest and  initiative to help thousands of poor migrant workers of Mumbai to reach their native places safely in the midst of nationwide lockdown on account of the Covid pandemic crisis.

Mohan Goenka, Director, Emami Limited, said, “Covid-related stress has inflicted millions of people with headaches, body pain and fatigue. Job losses, pay cuts, health hazards, general uncertainty of the environment and work-from-home leading to multi-tasking with no house help, all have resulted in people getting affected with severe mental and physical stress. Zandu Balm, a trusted ayurvedic pain solution offered relief to many from these afflictions. Somewhat similarly, we all have witnessed how a wonderful person such as Sonu Sood rose up to the occasion during the hardest times of Covid pandemic crisis and tried to alleviate the pain and despair of the distressed migrant workers and many other poor people by arranging transport and other relief works through his own personal initiative. We believe that our iconic brand Zandu Balm’s brand philosophy and values resonate with the philosophy and values of our new brand ambassador of being a one-stop solution for people in pain – thus offering a perfect brand connect.”

Sood said, “Pain and misery of people have always ached my heart and throughout my life I have made some humble attempts to relieve people from their anguish with whatever means I have. Zandu Balm, an iconic Indian brand, has also been alleviating pain over many decades for crores of consumers coming from all strata of the society. I found this brand philosophy to be echoing my life’s values of helping distressed people. I believe that pain and misery are part of our life but we should overcome them and move ahead. I feel this association has a strong connect. We both believe in ‘Chale Chalo’.”

Directed by Vishal and produced by creative agency Vox Parables, Zandu Balm’s new television commercial featuring Sonu Sood has recently been released.



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