Scarecrow M&C Saatchi designs High Chair for BestMediaInfo Rising Star Awards

Designed by the youngest team at the agency, one winner from each category will grab the shining High Chair at the Rising Star Awards gala to be held online on August 10, 4 pm

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Scarecrow M&C Saatchi designs High Chair for BestMediaInfo Rising Star Awards

Click on the image to watch the 360-degree view of the High Chair.

BestMediaInfo has revealed the identity of the trophy for its upcoming Rising Star Awards scheduled to be held online on August 10 at 4 pm.

Rising Star Awards 2021 Gala — August 10 at 4 PM

Designed by the youngest team of Scarecrow M&C Saatchi, the shining trophy for the Rising Star Awards will be known as High Chair.

Manish Bhatt

Manish Bhatt, Founder Director, Scarecrow M&C Saatchi, said, “Trophies are not just another metallic or crystal artefacts to be kept on the winner’s desk, they are solidified form of the passion and emotion flowing in them. Award is a PADAAV (पड़ाव), pitstop or AARAMGAAH (आरामगाह) of the winner’s journey. And it is the stop where she breathes before restarting the next journey. Our team kept these insights in mind before crafting these trophies.”

The 360-degree view of the High Chair

Kapil Tammal

Kapil Tammal, the Executive Creative Director and Creative Head at Scarecrow M&C Saatchi, who led the youngest-ever team of designers who were behind the trophy, said, “Rising Stars is a great platform for the young guns. And it’s important we keep acknowledging them for their hard work and efforts in times where human interaction is limited to our computer screens. This award is more than just winning. It means a lot more to every youngster. This is why we briefed the youngest members of Scarecrow to design the trophy, especially the youngsters who joined during the pandemic. They have not only designed it but also presented their thought process behind the idea.”

Explaining the concept behind the trophy’s identity, Tammal said, “We are happy with the result as we were very clear from day one that the trophy should have a larger design idea and shouldn't end up being a self-boasting branding exercise.

“So we called it 'The High Chair'. A simple graphic representation of a special elevated chair, a special seat reserved for those who are passionate about what they do, are hungry to grow and stop at nothing.”

Niraj Sharma

BestMediaInfo Founder-Director and Editor-in-Chief Niraj Sharma said working with the youngest team of Scarecrow M&C Saatchi was nothing short of an exciting experience.

“I was mesmerised by the designs that the Rising Stars came up with and presented over the virtual meet. One by one, these Rising Stars of the future presented over a dozen concepts for the trophy and each concept was outstanding. Those bright eyes filled with passion and commitment completely changed my view that there is a dearth of talent to shape up the future of advertising. I congratulate Manish Bhat, Kapil and the entire leadership of Scarecrow M&C Saatchi for nurturing such an amazing talent pool for the future.”

“Our clean and clear intent to encourage and celebrate the leaders of the future is backed by the two finest creative agencies — Taproot Dentsu, which created the logo for the Rising Star Awards and Scarecrow M&C Saatchi, which gave an identity to the Rising Star trophy. Huge thanks to both the agencies for their contributions,” Sharma added.

The inaugural Rising Star Awards will recognise and honour young media strategy professionals for their outstanding pieces of work in 12 business categories and seven special categories.

Chosen by an elite jury panel consisting of media heads of India’s top brands, the winner of each category will grab the High Chair. The high point of the awards will be the nail-biting finish for the top honour — Rising Star of the Year.

The entries that missed winning by a fraction of points will walk away with “Finalist” certificates.

The Rising Star Awards, during the virtual gala on August 10, will celebrate each winner’s work, many of which have the potential to turn into case studies.

Last but not least, each winner will give an acceptance speech, many of whom will do so for the first time.

Join the LIVE webcast of the awards gala on August 10 in large numbers to cheer the Rising Stars among your colleagues and hear their acceptance speeches.

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