Sangeet Bangla rebrands with a set of new shows and a fresh packaging

The channel has launched a new logo along with an official anthem 'Hullor Hoyejak'. The fresh line-up of programming consists of a mix of new and old shows

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Sangeet Bangla rebrands with a set of new shows and a fresh packaging

Bengali music TV channel Sangeet Bangla has rebranded itself with a set of new shows and a fresh packaging to give the GenY and GenZ the exciting dose of Tollywood's best trending content. It aims to rebound and reconnect with audiences old and new, while staying relevant with the changing times! The strategy strives to make the brand evolve for better, without disconnecting itself from the roots of its original core values.

The new Sangeet Bangla packaging is all colourful, flashy, vibrant and in reflection of a richer narrative. The fresh line-up of programming consists of a mix of new and old shows, which has been designed to keep in pace with the ever-evolving consumption habits of the audience.

The programme library now includes new engaging shows such as SB Viral Hits, Gitanjalit, SB Bhoktigeeti, SB Stories, SB Lyrical SB Bondona alongside the existing shows such as Tumi Je Amar, SB Superhitz, Howrah Bridge, etc. In spite of being a 24-hour music channel, Sangeet Bangla promises to provide a wholesome package of entertainment to the audiences.

Sangeet Bangla has launched the new logo on August 15 along with an official anthem ‘Hullor Hoyejak’, sung by Nakash Aziz, marking its journey towards a new beginning. The new programming set started from August 16. Besides, an exclusive breakthrough of ‘O Mon Re’, SVF Music’s newly launched music video featuring Tollywood’s popular pair Yash and Madhumita, was telecast on the channel on August 15.

Sangeet Bangla now comes under the umbrella of SVF family, the house that has been in the Bengali entertainment space for the last 25 years.

This new logo of Sangeet Bangla is a take on the combination of a musical instrument as well as the Bengali alphabet of the number '1'. It is also a throwback to Sangeet Bangla's earlier logo as well as a take on its evolution as the premium Bengali music channel, both the mnemonic and the colour scheme is a tribute to what the brand has been and provides a glorious insight to what it shall be. Alongside the logo, "Hullor Hoyejak" echoes the vibrant, and journey of reinventing the brand personality.

'Hullor', the new tagline, is a suggestion to cherish the musical memories— both old and new, with a varied set of new programme packages. The core value of offering remains: unlimited music and entertainment with loads of excitement and 'Hullor'.

Mahendra Soni, Co-founder and director of SVF, said, “Sangeet Bangla has been the #1 Bengali satellite channel since inception. It has normalised Bengali commercial music in every household, served people with different entertainment shows, industry sneak peek and much more. But with time, the music landscape in Bengal has also changed. The main aim of the rebranding is to match the musical demands of the youth as well as the elderly. The idea is to hit the nostalgic chords and a flavour of new packaging of Bengali music with separate slots of oldies, new age music, devotional music and lyrical videos.”

From Anupam Roy to Arijit Singh to Jeet Ganguli, Sangeet Bangla will continue to deliver the best of the best music from showbiz and beyond for its patrons.

Sangeet Bangla rebrands Hullor Hoyejak