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ITC’s Dermafique launches a brand film around full light technology

The film directed and conceptualised by Namita and Subir Consultancy focuses on educating consumers about the technology that helps shield the skin from the harmful effects of visible light, infrared rays and not just UVA and UVB

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ITC’s Dermafique has released a brand film that speaks of full light technology which forms the basis of ‘Soleil Defense’, the suncare range.

The film focuses on building conversation and educating consumers about full light technology that targets the 360-degree sun spectrum to help shield the skin from the harmful effects of visible light, infrared rays and not just UVA and UVB.


The film has been directed and conceptualised by Namita and Subir Consultancy and focuses on the benefits of the revolutionary full light technology and Dermafique’s understanding of the science behind smart skincare.


Protection of skin from the sun is largely relegated to concerns regarding UVA and UVB rays. However, the sun spectrum includes only 5% of UVA and UVB Rays, while the infrared rays and visible light form the much larger of its core, i.e. 95%. Incomplete sun protection from the larger 95% of the Sun spectrum also leads to skin concerns and damage, besides the damage caused by UV rays. To address issues of tanning, persistent pigmentation and photo-ageing caused by not just UVA and UVB rays but also infrared rays and visible light, ITC’s Dermafique presents the Soleil Defense Range with full light technology (it refers to UVA, UVB, infrared rays and visible light).

Dermafique Soleil Defense [All Matte] is an SPF 50 product for normal to oily skin which makes the skin feel non-oily. It does not have any added fragrance as well. Dermafique also has a gel-based formula with SPF 30 available for all skin types. Both these products offer light sensorials and are comfortable to wear even on a tropical day.

Dermafique is co-designed with dermatologists and cellular biologists with science at its core at ITC’s Life Sciences & Technology Centre. Dermafique’s product portfolio is backed with an extensive understanding of skin sciences, designed with Indian skin needs in mind, with all its products clinically tested on Indian Skin.

Doctor Aparna Santhanam, Dermatologist, and Skin Expert, ITC Dermafique shares her thoughts on full light technology, “Sunlight is made up of four different types of sun rays; UVB, UVA, Visible Light and Infrared Rays. While UVB and UVA account for only 5% of the sun spectrum, visible light and infrared rays form 95% of the same and our skin needs protection against each of these rays. Unfortunately, there has been a lack of knowledge and also the unavailability of the right product that targets not just UV Rays but 360-degree sun spectrum.


Sunscreens with the innovative full light technology that targets the complete 360-degree Sun Spectrum is the apt solution to Suncare that it not only limited to protection from UVA and UVB rays but also from the solar aggression of visible light and infrared rays.

Light weight gel-based formulations for all skin types can be worn comfortably under makeup as well – due to its unique formulation and matte finish, it leaves the skin feeling non sticky. While most sunscreens tend to leave a greasy after affect, gel-based sunscreens make it easier to be worn in climates where the climate can be high in moisture and humid where sunscreens can feel uncomfortable. It is pertinent to wear sunscreen even while at home, 365 days a year – no matter the weather!  With the increase in screen time in today’s age, radiation from laptops can cause extensive skin damage as well. Hence, indoors or outdoors 360-degree Sun Protection is a must.”

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