Determination and honesty towards work is key to making it big, says Abhishek Goyal of OrComm

BestMediaInfo caught up with the inaugural 'Rising Star Of The Year' title winner Goyal, Senior Manager, OrComm APL, to talk about how he gets his inspiration at work, about his win at Rising Star Awards and his philosophy in life

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Determination and honesty towards work is key to making it big, says Abhishek Goyal of OrComm

Abhishek Goyal

The brain behind agritech startup Gramophone’s newspaper ‘Uday’ and the winner of BestMediaInfo’s inaugural ‘Rising Star of the year’ award, Abhishek Goyal, Senior Manager, OrComm APL, believes that being completely honest towards one's work is what people should strive for.

Winning BestMediaInfo’s ‘Rising Star of the Year’ title was special for Goyal because he emerged as the dark horse from a small town agency and won against top media agencies and brands. The awards celebrate work done by young professionals in media strategy.

“Always ask yourself a couple of crucial questions. For example, is the communication fulfilling the brand’s objective, does it solve the client’s problem, and is it making a difference to the team? Being determined and honest towards your work will take you places,” he said.

Goyal said winning against India’s top media agencies at the Rising Star Awards was one of his biggest feats. “We definitely have celebrated a number of big and small wins but winning an industry award against the big league makes it to the top of the list.”

Talking about the challenges he faced while putting together the Gramophone Uday campaign, Goyal said convincing brand owners to believe in the idea and sustain it in the long run was hard. “Every client wants a unique ROI-driven idea with a previous reference to it. But we wanted to bring something new to the table. We carefully weighed the pros and cons before laying out the plan and made relevant changes to it according to ongoing insights for a suitable course of action.”

Working at a smaller agency has helped him perform better in his profession, he says. “The beauty of working in a small organisation is that everybody is at a field table, collectively trying to find solutions to problems and celebrating wins together. I feel great about the ‘work together- grow together’ attitude and I look at it as a blessing.”

Goyal doesn’t have any specific idol whom he looks at for inspiration. “My idol in the industry is everyone with whom I can relate to and get inspired. I’ll always be striving towards making a positive contribution anywhere I’m working, that’s all.”

In his free time, Goyal loves to explore places and observe new people. He also delves into literature and music, talks to people, and finds inspiration for his next projects.

If not advertising, travel blogging would have been an alternative career path. “I would’ve been a travel blogger, if not for my masters’ in this field, or would’ve taken up my dad’s business," said Goyal.

He says he always strives to learn something new. Ideas come from anywhere and everywhere, they’re not restricted to a place or an individual. “That’s what everyone should do. There are so many things in the world around. You can always learn something new, that’s how you grow,” he concluded.

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