^ a t o m crafts #AankhonKaInsurance campaign for Setu Eye Max

The funny campaign talks about the unique plant-based formula and Patented Lutemax 2020, Setu Eye Max that helps protect your eyes from blue light and glare sensitivity

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^ a t o m crafts #AankhonKaInsurance campaign for Setu Eye Max

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In today's time, when we have more WFH setups, we are all getting exposed to our computer and mobile screens for excessive hours. We are working longer than average. We also watch more content on screens, play more games, chat endlessly on messenger apps, browse and shop. We don't realise the harmful long-term effect the blue light radiations from the screens have on our eyes. Teary eyes, itching, strains, headache are all symptoms of this damage. Yet, we tend to ignore those symptoms. We expect quick-fix remedies such as splashing water or closing our eyes in between, thinking it will solve this problem. Well, the chances of the short-term remedies to work are slim.

Having a boss who takes up all the work and gives you screen-free work-life might be next to impossible. Setu and ^ a t o m have this funny take on a rather serious issue in the new campaign.

Speaking on the product and the communication idea, Setu’s Founder Nihaal Mariwala, said, “#ankhon ka Insurance campaign is for our flagship vision product, Eye Max. Though nutrition is rarely associated with vision health, the reality is that superior plant-based nutrition can help defend against the ills of blue light exposure. And thanks to all our horrible bosses, god knows that we definitely need some protection. With this integrated communication campaign, across multiple media channels, we hope to bring this idea to the fore.”

Yash Kulshertha and Anand Sen, National Creative Heads of  ^a t o m, added,  "The work culture at many places is wrong and is not going to change overnight. There are going to be despotic and unreasonable bosses. While that changes, we wanted people to take care of their eye health in their own hands. We highlighted the sad reality and presented it in a contrasting funny manner. Vivek and Biswapati have taken our vision to the next level quite effortlessly.  With the #AankhonKaInsurance campaign, we hope people understand the long-term eye damage and share better equations with their bosses."

With its unique plant-based formula and Patented Lutemax 2020, Setu Eye Max helps protect your eyes from blue light and glare sensitivity.


Agency: ^ a t o m network (Mumbai office)

National Creative Heads: Yash Kulshresth, Ananda Sen

Creative Team: Ruchika Guha, Rajat Patekar, Rashmik Patel

Account Management: Ruhee Chamadia, Prithvi Solanki

Strategy Lead: Ruma Singhal

Production House: Dora Digs

Director: Vivek Dubey

Producer: Akshay Shah

^ a t o m crafts #AankhonKaInsurance campaign Setu Eye Max