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ET Medialabs to handle Freadom’s digital mandate

The agency will provide entire digital marketing and analytics services that include performance marketing on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Quora, etc

ET Medialabs has won the app marketing analytics, BI and growth mandate from Freadom, after a multi-agency pitch. Through this association, ET Medialabs, a digital marketing agency, aims to scale the business and provide an overall view of the full-funnel stitched customer journey to Freadom.

Launched in 2016, Freadom is a comprehensive learning platform for children aged 3-12 to strengthen their English reading, speaking, and conversation skills. Since January 2020, the company has helped nearly 3 lakh students.

Lalit Panigrahi, VP, ET Medialabs, said, “We are elated about our association with Freadom and aim to exceed the mandate entrusted to us by the company. Freadom is a leading learning platform for children aged 3-12. Bagging the mandate of such a prestigious and innovative platform gives us an opportunity to explore the ed-tech sector widely. As the user (child) and buyer (parent) of Freadom’s product are different, ET Medialabs will be creating a fine tuned marketing strategy covering both the segments and work towards generating, enhancing and maintaining the brand value.”

As a result of this collaboration, ET Medialabs will provide entire digital marketing and analytics services that include performance marketing on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Quora, etc. Along with performance marketing, ET Medialabs will help Freadom in server-to-server integration to parse offline events to platforms such as Facebook, Google, etc., for advanced level optimisation. ET Medialabs will also provide Freadom with daily reporting and dashboards with full-funnel stitched data of all marketing channels.

ET Medialabs' primary focus will be to provide a tremendous scale in revenue via digital channels in the upcoming months. Additionally, ET Medialabs has adopted several strategies and approaches, which include reducing ad wastages in different channels and diverting the spends to top-performing campaigns/channels along with identifying new users acquired via different channels and optimising it using in house data engineering tools.

Further, it specialises in increasing brand awareness by determining ads that are creating engagement; experimenting and testing different optimisation events for the better customer acquisition cost; creating scalable campaign structure and complementing them with Google's Advanced ML algorithms; and creative personalisation for user personas.

Amrutash Misra, SVP, Freadom, added, “ET Medialabs is a leading digital marketing agency that is known to provide strategic digital marketing services to its clients. As an ed-tech platform, our mission is unique and we firmly believe that ET Medialabs' extensive experience in delivering business growth makes them a suitable partner for us. We are excited about our collaboration with ET Medialabs and look forward to further broadening our footprints and great value addition.”

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