Brands across industries partner with HT Smartcast

Among others, Gelusil has placed ads on Cricbaazi, Nasha Masterstroke, Khel Khel Mei and Kicks for Free. Medtronic associated with Health Charcha. Tata Tea Premium associated with Tension Not. Dell and Oracle associated with Mint Techcetra

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Brands across industries partner with HT Smartcast

Many brands have partnered with podcast platform HT Smartcast to bring forth unique and thought-provoking content. Gelusil by Pfizer has placed ads on popular sports podcasts such as Cricbaazi, Nasha Masterstroke, Khel Khel Mei and Kicks for Free.

Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology, associated itself with Health Charcha, an original podcast about the latest medical therapies and health tips. Cricbaazi was HT Smartcast’s first video podcast with interesting cricket segments such as Trending Tuesdays and Fun Fact Fridays.

Pragya Gulati, Partnerships Head at HT Smartcast, who is also the podcaster of HT Smartcast Leadership Lessons, said, “We have had diverse brands across industries partner with us on HT Smartcast Leadership Lessons.”

On her favourite episodes till now, she said, “Every interaction is unique in its own way. One of my favourite discussions has been with Joseph Sirosh, Chief Technology Officer, Compass Inc., where we discussed trends in AI and how it is redefining the work environment. I especially loved the mention of growth mindset by Sirosh, which I believe in too.”

Tata Tea Premium associated itself with Tension Not, a popular Health Shots podcast hosted by Sonal Kalra, Managing Editor and Business Head, Lifestyle, at Hindustan Times. Dell and Oracle added to the list of brands by imparting their technical expertise through episodes of Mint Techcetra. HT Smartcast also partnered with brands like Lead School about e-learning being the future of education on Parenting ke Pal.

HT Smartcast has a diverse catalogue of over 150 audio shows. With over 30 million listeners, the platform caters to an audience from all kinds of economic, social and cultural backgrounds across India.

Its curated and bite-sized podcasts cover topics across current affairs, business, personal finance, lifestyle, culture, entertainment, etc. gathered from HT Media properties such as Mint, Hindustan Times, livehindustan, Fever Network and Health Shots. HT Smartcast is also invested in producing an array of fresh content called HT Smartcast Originals. These podcasts are hosted by journalists, business experts, renowned RJs, influencers etc.

HT Smartcast hosts podcasts in a variety of regional languages, including Tamil, Bengali, and Marathi besides English and Hindi. All of its productions are available on podcasting applications including Apple, Spotify, JioSaavn, Gaana, Castbox and on the official website

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