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Ricron Panels awards its integrated communications mandate to Beeing Social and Mavcomm Consulting

Mavcomm Consulting will take their message of circular economy and sustainability to their key stakeholders. Beeing Social will showcase Ricron’s work in the digital world

Ricron Panels, an innovation driven company that converts low-value plastic waste into quality sustainable materials for furniture, building, and construction applications, has announced that it has awarded its integrated communications mandate to Beeing Social and Mavcomm Consulting.

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Rahul Chaudhary

Rahul Chaudhary, Director, Ricron Panels, said, "As the world gears towards building a sustainable environment, Ricron Panels has taken the lead to show the world how low value hard to recycle plastic waste can be converted into quality sustainable materials. We were looking for communications partners who could communicate our value proposition in a way that does justice to the hard and innovative work that is being carried out by the company. The understanding of our requirements and integrated communication approach presented by Beeing Social and Mavcomm Consulting team resonated with our vision and we are excited about partnering them.”

Abhishek Singh Rajpurohit

Abhishek Singh Rajpurohit, Founder and CEO, Beeing Social, said, “We are thankful to Ricron Panels for awarding communications mandate to Beeing Social and Mavcomm Consulting. The work Ricron has been doing is truly innovative and it is a pleasure and a unique opportunity for us to showcase their work in the digital world.”

Anand Mahesh Talari

“To navigate the ever-changing communication challenges in today’s world, there is a need to look at an integrated approach that works seamlessly and simultaneously towards a single goal/ objective. We are stoked to work with Ricron Panels and looking forward to taking their message of Circular Economy and Sustainability to their key stakeholders. We have a strong bond with Beeing Social and have been working on multiple mandates with them.  We are excited about the combined potential that we bring to the table,” said Anand Mahesh Talari, Founder and Managing Director, Mavcomm Consulting Pvt Ltd.

Beeing Social is a 360-degree digital marketing agency that specialises in deploying a holistic approach towards strategy, creativity, and technology to gain maximum market share in the digital universe and turn concepts into realities.

Mavcomm Consulting is an integrated communications consulting firm that manages public relations, advocacy, marketing communications and digital marketing.


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