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Kapil Batus launches ‘d’hybrid’, a new-age content-led discovery platform

The app will provide urban audiences curated content around fashion, grooming and lifestyle, while helping them discover and connect with different brands

Kapil Batus, former creative and fashion director at Rolling Stone India and Man’s World Magazine, launched d’hybrid, a new-age content-led discovery platform born with the idea of providing urban audiences curated content around fashion, grooming and lifestyle, while helping them discover and connect with their favourite brands.

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A progressive digital hub for an audience that is generally held to be more interested in connoisseurship than in passing fads, the app will primarily cater to the 22 to 35-year-old consumers in urban and emerging India markets

d'hybrid is designed around the new-age consumers and their everyday habits of content consumption in ephemeral format. Through this innovative and engaging platform, the app aims to simplify discovery of brands and influence consumers' fashion and grooming habits every day. 

A friendly designed app with minimally designed user interface/user experience is contemporary and offers an immersive personalised experience through unique feeds. This new-age platform is supported with AI-tech for personalising feeds and creating segment-based community clusters.

d’hybrid not only serves as a guide and inspiration for its users but also offers informative and engaging content, ranging from a style directory of essentials that every urban and aspirational consumer needs. The app is customised around the user browse pattern where every user will experience a personalised feed and curated content suggestions.

Kapil Batus, Founder and Creative Director, d’hybrid, said, “There is a rapid shift in the digital ecosystem that is leading towards content-led social-commerce creating the architecture for the future. With this change, we strongly see that there is a demand for an exclusive platform that can help urban and aspirational consumers in India discover brands under one channel. With d’hybrid, we intend to tap into this demand and build a unique consumer-centric short-format platform designed to integrate with the future of social commerce. We are focused on creating a credible product that simplifies fashion and grooming discovery under an organised platform.”

Presently the landscape for the men's segment is highly under-serviced. Information and consumer awareness are very much fragmented. Social platforms and e-commerce players mainly drive this brand amplification resulting in unorganised segmentation and pushed marketing. And as consumers evolve there is a void being created by the way consumption patterns and what the new age consumer habits are.

The app can be downloaded on IOS and Android.


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