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JSW Cement launches TVC with jingle created by AR Rahman

The ‘Kal Ki Mazboot Tayari Ke Liye’ TVC by Plotter’s Ink portrays the strong bond shared between its customers and the green cement brand. The jingle ‘Yaariyaan’ has been composed, scored and sung by Rahman

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JSW Cement has launched a new TVC, ‘Kal Ki Mazboot Tayari Ke Liye’, with a jingle score titled ‘Yaariyaan’ as a musical track. It is composed, scored and sung by AR Rahman while the lyrics have been penned by songwriter Shellee.

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The video campaign features an intertwined narrative of JSW Cement’s contribution towards developing India’s infrastructure and its contribution to nation-building through environment-friendly products. It showcases the benefits of using environment-friendly cement product to build individual homes.

JSW Cement’s new TVC creatively portrays the strong and unbreakable bond shared between its customers and the green cement brand. Everyone aspires to build their own home and this TVC campaign captures the journey of an individual home-builder as well as the company’s contribution to nation-building in a creatively nuanced manner. The TVC was conceptualised by Plotter’s Ink.

Rahman said, "I am always motivated to compose music and sing songs that give hope. I believe music has the power to strengthen us all. I hope the JSW Cement jingle ‘Yaariyaan’ brings a smile to people disoriented due to the current situation."

Nilesh Narwekar, CEO of JSW Cement, said, “It is a great honour that AR Rahman agreed to create a new jingle for JSW Cement. As India’s foremost green cement brand, the TVC reiterates our commitment in ensuring a more sustainable future through our environment-friendly cement products.  Our green cement not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but consumes less energy during its manufacturing process. By using our green cement, the Indian consumers not only fulfil the aspirations of having their own home but also provide a safe and sustainable future for future generations.”

C L Sethunathan, Chief Marketing Officer of JSW Cement, said, “Our TVC captures the complex journey of an individual home-builder as he fulfils his aspiration to build a home for him and his loved ones. The progress of turning dreams into reality is creatively captured in the film. We reiterate our responsibility towards the planet and ecology. We aim to give back to society by going beyond stakeholder expectations and making this an inclusive commitment for our customers.”

The new JSW Cement campaign aims to strengthen JSW Cement’s position as a market leader in eco-friendly cement in India.  JSW Cement’s manufacturing footprint flanks across West, South and East regions of India with a target of achieving 25 MTPA by 2023.

“In this age of sensitive environmental conditions, we are trying to portray the importance of using green products by showcasing the concept of friendship 'Yaariyaan' between JSW Cement, the home-builder, environment, and infrastructure of our country. This has been brilliantly captured by Oscar winner AR Rahman in the music composed and executed to perfection by Plotters Ink in these challenging times of the pandemic,” said Gurminder Singh, Head, Branding, JSW Cement.

“The film is an interwoven story of the dreams of a home builder and that of our nation. Both look out for trusted and strong partnerships to accomplish their dreams. Through the positioning of ‘Yaariyaan’, we look forward to making our brand more welcome and the preferred partner for construction. The beauty of this film is that it effortlessly helps us strengthen the core proposition of ‘The Leaders’ Choice’ as we truly believe a great leader is someone who builds and cherishes bonds while appreciating the roles of many others who help in making dreams come true,” said Saachi Agrawal, Co-Founder, Plotters Ink.


Client: JSW Cement

Agency: Plotters Ink

Music: A. R. Rahman

Production: StoneAge Films

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