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Arm Worldwide strengthens people-first culture in trying times

#Arm has amplified its employee wellness program to make its people feel secure during such uncertain times

#Arm Worldwide, India’s leading independent digital consulting firm, goes a step ahead to enhance financial, medical and mental wellness of the team during the current second Covid wave.

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The digital consulting company extends support and uplifts its employees in the midst of the second wave of the pandemic. #Arm has amplified its employee wellness program to make its people feel secure during such uncertain times.

Ritesh Singh

Ritesh Singh, Co-founder & MD, Arm Worldwide, conducted a townhall to address the workforce of 120+ to announce all the enhanced benefit programs and also to take inputs from team members to be able to do more, much faster and effectively together.


While conveying the message of staying safe, Singh shared some significant steps taken by the organisation to keep their employees' first culture intact in spite of difficult times for business. The Covid-19 pandemic has made the entire world sit up and realise that medical emergencies are unpredictable and cause financial upheaval that is tough to handle. All employees at #Arm are already covered under the corporate Mediclaim policy and now the medical health insurance coverage for married couples has been significantly raised.

The second big benefit focuses on team members impacted with covid. #Arm is offering an extra 15 days paid leave to recover completely, ensuring financial and mental wellbeing for all in their family as well.


#Arm will be acknowledging a Mental Wellness Month starting from May 15 till June 15 where the employees will work (WFH) for 4 days a week. This step is taken to let the employees take care of themselves and their families during such unprecedented times.

At a time where the employees are worried of being laid off or not being paid at their jobs, #Arm continues to pay the salaries in full and is doing annual appraisal for all. #Arm believes that the times are tough and everyone needs to have enough to be able to fight if it comes to that, no one should be searching for financial aid then.


Singh said, “Times are tough for both, the business and the people running the business, and people any day come first. Our HR team has been relentlessly working and fortunately for us, HR has also been a key part of our business. Therefore we were able to stay together & do good last year during the first wave of the pandemic. Now with the second wave, it has thrown new challenges and we are determined to come out strong as a team.

We are working with the extended leadership team on various aspects for over 6 months now to ensure that work from home culture is productive & stress-free and we have seen results of our efforts in various measurable ways.”

Apart from all the organisational developments, HR and leadership team is personally reaching out to its employees and offering all possible support. The people at #Arm have now found a way to fight this battle together by staying mentally, emotionally and physically fit. A collective 30 minutes daily workout is being held everyday where employees are motivating each other and lightening the mood by sharing their struggles and successes.

During the townhall, a team member suggested which was concurred by many others, that we should create a Covid SWAT team at #Arm, which is being worked on. #Arm is also on the lookout for a mental wellness coach/ partner and finding a way to provide ease of vaccination to its team members.

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