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Mentos encourages all to make fresh conversations with its limited edition ‘Say Hello’ packs

A digital video highlighting the campaign has been created and will be promoted as part of the brand’s digital engagement. This digital film showcases how the new Mentos dragees with emoticons is a way to Say Hello

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Mentos, the mint and fruit chewy brand from the house of confectionery major Perfetti Van Melle, has rolled out limited edition ‘Say Hello’ packs across its entire rolls portfolio.

In line with Mentos’s philosophy of making fresh connections, the limited edition pack “turns each candy into an emoticon, perfect for breaking the ice when meeting someone new”.

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With millions of emojis that gets exchanged on digital platforms every day, the trend of using the icons to express ourselves is showing no signs of slowing down. But rather than using the emojis online, Mentos is encouraging people to step away from their smartphones and share them in the real world.

Every dragee of the Mentos Say Hello pack has been imprinted with an emoticon that becomes a catalyst to spark conversations, perfect for sharing with friends, family or even connecting with someone new! These Say Hello rolls have ‘12 different emoticon designs’ printed on each candy of Mint, Strawberry, Orange and Rainbow packs.

A specific digital video highlighting the campaign has been created and will be promoted as part of the brand’s digital engagement.  This digital film showcases how the new Mentos dragee with emoticons is a way to Say Hello. The film is set in a café, where a girl reading a book is keen to interact with a boy and girl reading the same book. The meaningful role of Mentos Say Hello dragees is introduced here highlighting the various emoticons and eventually helping the girl protagonist to connect with the boy and girl with similar interest’.

To keep social media abuzz, the brand will also be seen partnering with some of India’s top stand-up comedians. Through this collaboration, the comedians will be seen bringing alive the emoticons on the dragees in their own inimitable style and challenging each other to narrate incidents that they relate to that emoticon. To further engage with the brand audience, a Mentos Say Hello Instagram filter will also be launched for the audience to engage with the emoticons on Mentos candies.

The campaign launch was supported by a witty Twitter banter initiated by Mentos to #SayHello to other brands in order to spark fresh conversations. Mentos exchanged greetings with brands like Pepsi, Amazon Prime Video, MTV India, Lay’s Maxx and PayTM amongst 20 top brands. This exercise did not just connect brands but also the audiences thereof to share their comments on the quirky banter. The SayHello hashtag(#) in turn was seen trending at No.2 on Twitter owing to the greetings that the brand initiated and received in return too.

Rohit Kapoor, Director, Marketing at Perfetti Van Melle India, said, “There has been an increased dependency on digital mediums to express ourselves. Through the Mentos ‘Say Hello’ limited edition packs and supporting campaign, we’re trying to bring back appreciation for simple interactions when meeting someone new or while meeting friends. Mentos as a brand has always inspired fresh connections and the new limited-edition campaign is an effort to strengthen this positioning further.”

The entire digital campaign for these limited edition packs was conceptualised by Creativeland Asia, Wavemaker India and PR Pundit.

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