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Mankind Pharma forays into personal hygiene category, launches Safekind toilet seat spray

The product is mainly for women and provides a solution for easy usage of unhygienic public toilets

Pharmaceutical company Mankind Pharma has entered the personal hygiene category with the launch of a new product, ‘Safekind toilet seat disinfectant spray’, under the Safekind brand.

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The product is mainly for women and provides a solution for easy usage of unhygienic toilets, especially public facilities.

Last year, Mankind Pharma introduced its new brand Safekind with two products —N95 Masks and Hand Sanitizers.


The purpose behind launching the Safekind toilet seat disinfectant spray is to prevent (urinary tract infection) UTI, which is becoming a common concern among women. The risk is greater when one uses unclean and unhygienic public washrooms.

The product contains IPA (isopropyl alcohol – 10% w/w), BKC (Benzalkonium chloride), which kills 99.9% germs, and helps to provide a fresh, clean and germ-free toilet experience.


Joy Chatterjee, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Mankind Pharma, said, “We are delighted to come up with a new product under Safekind as the world is battling with health emergencies and needs to sanitize and ensure cleanliness in all places. Seeing the spike in hygiene and urine infection problems faced by women, we took the initiative to serve the nation by protecting our community.”

The Safekind toilet seat disinfectant spray with a soothing and refreshing smell comes in a handy packaging of 75 ml at Rs 200, which is easy to carry while travelling.


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