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Women need women who will motivate, appreciate and bring out best in each other

Ranjita Sehgal, Revenue Head, Moneycontrol, writes that women don’t need just a day of celebration. She needs to be celebrated every single day, for the powerhouse that she is— playing different roles at various stages of her life

Ranjita Sehgal

I have never stopped dreaming, for I feel they should be our greatest inspirations. I come from a very small town in Bihar and a very simple upbringing and humble background. My parents were very progressive and gave equal opportunities to their daughters as much as their sons. Being from a small town, nothing came easy. I was conditioned to work harder than my peers at every stage of my life.

I always wanted to start my career in Mumbai as I loved the pace and the hunger of ‘Maximum City’. I have spent 22 remarkable years working with the best media and digital brands. My journey in the new media/digital world began in November 1998, just two months after the Google boom began and the internet era took off.


A working woman’s journey is never so easy. This may sound clichéd, but it's true. As you progress in your career, additional responsibilities keep getting added on the personal front. Be it my marriage, my kids, family; each one of my relationships needed my undivided attention, thus making me want to excel in each of these roles. I was fortunate to have a supportive life partner who gave me the right nudge and was a constant pillar of support when I needed it the most considering my ever-demanding roles on all fronts. As far as my professional life goes, my business development and sales roles always required a lot of travelling. But while I would travel, I would worry less about home and focus on the task on hand.

My additional responsibilities on the personal front made me a better multi-tasker and helped me step up in every role.


I feel woman take a lot upon themselves. We want to be a superwoman in all aspects and ace every task assigned to us with utmost panache. Being the go-getters that we are, I think it’s absolutely fine to prioritise and go after a few things. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Women, due to years of conditioning, do hesitate when it comes to asking for help. It’s extremely important to build a support system around yourself and ask for help with family and friends as and when required.

Women need positive women around to motivate and uplift them. This is why you must choose your friends very wisely. Even more so at work, as you spend the maximum time there. Be around with women who will boost you, appreciate you and bring out the best in you.

In my career span, I have grabbed opportunities and stepped up when required with some self-doubt on whether I’ll be able to deliver. But I always managed to deliver higher-than-expected results and have achieved my goals.

Never settle for whatever you get. Always question yourself when you feel you are not being given your due.

I’ve always felt that women don’t need just a day of celebration. She needs to be celebrated every single day, for the powerhouse that she is, playing different roles at various stages of her life.

As Hillary Clinton rightly said, “Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.”

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