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This Women’s Day, brands raise a toast to how women rock in different roles

From financial independence to gender equality to breaking stereotypes, brands have chosen different themes to launch special campaigns for International Women’s Day. BestMediaInfo lists a few campaigns that have caught our attention

Just like every year, this year too brands are celebrating International Women’s Day through campaigns based on themes such as equality, gender equality, financial freedom, daily cultural biases women go though, body and beauty shaming and much more. While many campaigns are purely content-driven and rise to the cause of women empowerment, some aren’t able to resist themselves from selling their products. The brands that stood out are those that have communicated around the context or are known to create women-centric campaigns. Then there are some that have suddenly woken up and due to FOMO, launched their versions of Women’s Day campaigns. 

Ixigo’s campaign #SehNa

ixigo has rolled out a campaign highlighting challenges faced by women while travelling in India. With the motivational video: #SehNa, ixigo is encouraging women to speak about these issues openly with an aim to create awareness in the community on the risks, labels and behaviour they face while travelling. Conceptualised and produced-in house, the video shows women boldly addressing and speaking on what makes them uncomfortable while travelling.

The video:

Voltas Beko’s ‘#GharSabkaZimmedariSabki’ campaign

Voltas Beko’s campaign is conceptualised by Momspresso. The video is an attempt to debunk the age-old beliefs that women are responsible for looking after every aspect of the household. Based on a modern Indian family set-up, the film offers a glimpse of the everyday life of a nuclear family and how a small change in perspective makes a huge difference— that too coming from a young member of the family.

The film:

Levi’s new season of #IShapeMyWorld campaign

Levi’s has unveiled its new season of the Levi’s® #IShapeMyWorld campaign that has now evolved into a year-long digital initiative featuring the stories of seven women to spark a conversation and inspire millions and more along the way. Created in 2017, #IShapeMyWorld is a platform that seeks to inspire and enable women across India. This season will feature Faye D'Souza, Seema Samridhi Kuswaha, Iti Rawat, Zoya Akhtar, Sumukhi Suresh, Trisha Shetty and Raja Kumari

The promo:

Flipkart’s #LeadLikeHer campaign

The eCommerce platform’s campaign aims to encourage women entrepreneurs to lead their businesses while tapping the power e-commerce presents today. The campaign showcases the journey of three women entrepreneurs and their stories of courage, perseverance and success as the walls around them close in — metaphorically.

The campaign:

MTV’s campaign ‘There’s more to a girl’s life than Shaadi’

It’s 2021 and we see women ruling the roost and conquering the world in every role—from a political leader to a bank manager to a teacher, a corporate leader to an army officer among others. But closer to home, if there is one question that keeps them tongue-tied, it is – ‘Beta, Shaadi Kab Karogi?’ This universal question by parents and relatives continue to be a pertinent problem, and it’s high time we shatter these age-old conventions. MTV has put it out loud, ‘There’s more to a girl’s life than Shaadi’, with a fine blend of quirk and impact through its Women’s Day campaign.

The campaign:


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Groww’s Women’s Day campaign

The online investment app’s campaign aims to put the spotlight on the sensitive issue of the gender-based wealth gap and argues that every investment made by women on its platform helps in bridging the gap between men and women when it comes to ownership of wealth. The film showcases how when a woman is appreciated at work, she becomes a role model for a younger woman in the team. It goes on to show slices of life like a young child emulating her mother in front of the mirror and a middle-aged housewife taking online classes while her household sleeps soundly. She inspires her daughter in her own way. The film showcases these women as investors, leading by example.

The ad film:

Shell’s campaign ‘Great Things Happen When We Move’

The campaign conceptualised by Wunderman Thompson India has been specifically launched ahead of International Women’s Day to encourage Indian women who face towering challenges in their quest for mobility. The campaign encourages Indian women to keep moving by highlighting the stirring stories of three inspiring women: Yogita Raghuvanshi, India’s first woman truck driver, Geeta Tandon Bollywood’s leading Stuntwoman and Sumitra Senapaty, Founder of Women on Wanderlust. The core assertion of these films is to establish that mobility is a key enabler of people’s progress and it holds specifically true for women.

Watch individual films here:

•Yogita Raghuvanshi:

•Geeta Tandon:

•Sumitra Senapaty:

Bumble’s campaign ‘All our moves’

Bumble’s campaign ‘All our moves’ celebrates the many moves women make in their daily lives– the seemingly unnoticed, imperfect, vulnerable and yet audacious, sometimes outrageous, but ultimately courageous first moves. The moves that women themselves will always keep a count of. These everyday first moves may not always go down in history but they take us a step forward in building an inclusive, equal society. Bumble has joined forces with a diverse array of inspirational women from all walks of life–Rhea Kapoor, Radhika Apte, Fatima Sana Shaikh, Sushant Divgikar, Dolly Singh, Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju, Aishwarya Mohanraj among others to celebrate inspirational women and the first moves they make in their lives every single day.

The campaign video:

Bombay Shaving Company’s #FlexYourAwesome campaign

Through the #FlexYourAwesome campaign, Bombay Shaving Company is celebrating women by bringing stories of those who have been awesome and unstoppable in their lives. The aim is to empower women to actively break down stereotypes and remind themselves to not be afraid to choose their own unique path. For the campaign’s first leg, the brand has collaborated with actor Shriya Pilgaonkar. In the second leg of the campaign, the brand will celebrate inspiring stories of real women across different entrepreneurial walks of life and gives them a voice on its social media platforms. A few of these strong and confident women are Snigdha, Founder, Tea Trunk; Bani Nanda, Founder, MIAM; Surabhi Bhandari, Co-founder, Unashamed Health; Swetha Subbiah, Trainer, Sisters in Sweat and many more, who overcame deterrence and embarked on progressive journeys in their lives.

The campaign:


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