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Trying to change narrative around Indian men through our marketing campaigns, says Sujot Malhotra of Beardo

The brand recently launched a digital campaign featuring Hrithik Roshan as ‘Don Beardo’ that inspires men to hone their sexiness and irresistibility by unleashing the Beardo within

Sujot Malhotra

Leading men’s grooming brand Beardo recently launched its new ad campaign featuring B-town celebrity Hrithik Roshan.

The vision behind the campaign is to inspire men to hone their sexiness and irresistibility by unleashing the Beardo within.

Speaking to BestMediaInfo.com, Sujot Malhotra, CEO, Beardo, said, “The campaign’s ideation and its creation was together done by the brand’s internal team and partners from the agency Qual. As a brand, we have been trying to change the narrative around Indian men. We feel there is enough to celebrate about manhood.”

Malhotra said Qual represents Hrithik in our relationship and contributes to the brand’s creative capabilities.

The 45-second film highlights the characteristics of a true Beardo — impeccable style, confident personality. Each aspirational quality has been naturally embraced by Hrithik as Don Beardo in his larger-than-life persona. The campaign’s opening line “Want to play God?” sets the tone for what men can expect when they groom with Beardo.

Conceptualising Don Beardo’s character was a very personal journey for the brand. The brand imagined him to be an epitome of everything it stands for — Alpha, intense, charismatic, suave, worthy, sexy, someone to look up to, yet are in awe of his power, and he is always styled to kill (well not literally!).

Malhotra said the company wanted to take its narrative to the next level by making Hrithik its brand face.

“We wanted to find a better embodiment that depicts Beardo. We wanted Hrithik to embody some of the characteristics of a true Beardo. The campaign is all about celebrating the irresistibility of manhood.”

Malhotra said Don Beardo is going to be Hrithik’s persona with us till the time we continue to partner him for the brand.

“Over the few years, you will see power-packed action happening behind brand Beardo. We are pretty much in every category that manhood consumes and plan to strengthen it going forward,” Malhotra said.

From men’s grooming, the brand has expanded to fashion and lifestyle categories and hopes to build a master brand that becomes a go-to name for men.

Its last quarter will be dedicated to campaigns with Hrithik. So far, Beardo has released two films, but multiple activities are planned as brand activations and events in the last quarter of FY20-21.

Beardo’s media spends will increase this year to what it was in FY 19-20. However, it will largely be on digital; the brand doesn’t have any plans to spend on traditional media in FY 21-22.

“We are quite bullish about the coming year as we hope to add a few zeros to our 2019 numbers,” Malhotra said.

The brand will spend on content marketing and innovation. Malhotra said content marketing is the primary pillar for Beardo’s growth.

According to him, most of the brand’s business comes from its website, and the company will find ways to escalate it.


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