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Resilience, innovation and flexibility are must-haves in marketing campaigns of 2021: Arpan Biswas of Housejoy

In a conversation with BestMediaInfo.com, Biswas, VP Marketing, Housejoy, says marketers need to watch and anticipate constant changes in consumer behaviour, environment and integrate them in communication strategies. He said the focus of marketing campaigns must be on underscoring the value and need for services instead of pushy sales-oriented content

Arpan Biswas

The disruption in business due to the Covid lockdown had a major impact on tech-driven construction and home maintenance brand Housejoy’s marketing activities in 2020. The brand had envisaged impactful brand awareness campaigns in new cities but couldn’t implement them last year. Now with the resumption of business, it looks forward to executing those strategies in 2021.

The brand plans to launch performance-driven campaigns in cities where it has a presence. There will also be a number of brand awareness campaigns in cities where Housejoy plans to enter this year.

“As a marketer, the highly disruptive and unprecedented pandemic has made me understand the need for resilience, innovation and flexibility in marketing campaigns. Marketers need to constantly watch and anticipate the changes and integrate them in their brand communication strategies. The focus of future marketing campaigns must be on underscoring the value and need for services instead of creating pushy sales-oriented content,” said Arpan Biswas, VP Marketing, Housejoy.

Biswas said brand campaigns this year will be about expanding on digital and content marketing trends. The emphasis will be on community building and highlighting how brands are standing by their target audience. Customer retention and service quality will become crucial even when businesses try to acquire new customers. Social media marketing will stand to gain in the new scenario as more brands will try to be where the consumers are instead of focusing on making the latter reach out.

In the past, Housejoy has constantly built on its brand awareness through content marketing by highlighting its USPs such as transparency of operations, integration of latest technology, honest pricing and how the brand benefits the customers.

Recently, Housejoy unveiled its brand mascot Joe, which is a juxtaposition of human and technology — a superhero with super skills and an intelligent play on the latter half of the brand name. The mascot will be Housejoy’s unifying factor across its two separate verticals and 20+ services and enable seamless and out-of-the-box communication and brand messaging, further resulting in better ROI.

“With Joe as our mascot, not only will our messaging be more targeted but also enable a top-of-mind recall for our services. The mascot will help improve engagement and make Housejoy a go-to brand for any maintenance or construction needs,” Biswas said.

Going forward, the brand plans to create highly engaging content around its mascot.

Biswas said the brand’s focus is on sustainable growth and stronger on-demand business development. “We are already functional in five cities and our plans include covering 10 cities for our IRC (interiors, renovations, construction) business by the end of 2021. We are planning to make our on-demand business standalone EBITDA positive.”

“Our team is confident of delivering more projects and entering new cities in 2021. Our construction and renovation business is growing at the rate of 20% MoM and the future plans include building 2,000 homes in less than two years,” said Biswas.

He said social media and consumer behaviour are directly influenced by the circumstances and needs of the day. To keep abreast with such dynamic changes, brands must focus on real-time inputs and continuous market observations. Whether it be the emergence of the virus or the changes in service demanded by people in the wake of the pandemic, the changes are easier to identify and integrate, provided brands keep a flexible and fluid marketing approach. Housejoy has consistently focused on this area and keep listening to our consumers. This gives the brand a greater ability to assess the trends and keep our customers assured.

According to him, the home construction, renovation and interior industry had been steadily growing prior to the pandemic. The disruption delayed the delivery of services and projects, but the need was always there. The complete and partial lockdowns led to a lot of pent-up requirements, which are likely to positively impact the category in 2021. Technology-driven and transparent service providers will be preferred by customers and the brand is looking at a strong revival of the market.


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