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Donear Industries to increase its ad spend by 30% in 2021

In a conversation with, Rajendra Agarwal, Managing Director, Donear Industries, shares the company's marketing strategy for this year and says their budget allocation is evenly split between traditional and new-age mediums

Rajendra Agarwal

Textile major Donear Industries is planning to increase its overall marketing budget by 30% in 2021. The company will enhance its focus on digital advertising, while sustaining the spends on outdoor among other mainline mediums. 

Rajendra Agarwal, Managing Director, Donear Industries, said, “The textile industry relies on a few mainline mediums and an extensive BTL reach. Our budget allocation is evenly split between being conservative and, therefore, we are investing in 'safe options' such as mainline media like TV and print, and on the other hand, new-age like digital, sponsorships, etc. That being said, outdoor opportunities like hoardings and PoS items are a necessity for us all year round to establish shelf space and have top-of-mind awareness with our end customers.”


The company last year had achieved success in terms of ATL (and strategic advertising on Mahabharata and Ramayana) and through webinars. And through this year, he sees digital still powering through and making strides to imprint brands in consumers’ minds.

Apart from that, mainline media such as TV and radio, he said, will continue to rule the roost with OOH platforms perhaps dwindling in size. Therefore, he suggested brands to be cognisant of this fact and consistently reassure customers of their product promise/ proposition and in garnering their trust for a better tomorrow.


He predicted that this year, marketing communication will play an ever more important role with customers seeking reassurance from brands and with hyper-personal communication trends on the rise. And as across the past year it has been evolving its brand tonality, he said Donear is now more hyper-personalised with its agents, dealers and business associates.

Focus on increasing retail footprint

For 2021, it is aiming to expand its retail footprint and diversify its product range to suit the changing sensibilities of the customer.

Factors that are imperative towards this to achieve this goal, he said, would be its resources and internal brand ambassadors, investment in technology and processes, building new markets, efficient supply chain management, robust distribution network and consistent product innovation and mastery.


While 2020 has been a year of resilience, driving demand for the disposable income towards discretionary products such as fabrics took a hit. Also, with restrictions on weddings, the scale of functions and the gifting market also went down.

Therefore, for the textile industry, it was a challenge due to several parameters despite the robust value chain. Despite these factors, the company was the first to launch anti-viral products as early as April and it saw a sizable market share, on both domestic and global fronts.

However, he said the market opened up since the onset of Diwali — shops opening and consumers buying. Based on the current projections, he anticipates that 2021 will see even more resurgence of the textile industry, B2C markets will open up more, and consumer propensity to buying fabrics will increase too with weddings and festivals setting in early in the year.

“The B2B industry is gaining momentum too from a domestic and international point of view. A lot of orders are pouring in for the upcoming seasons. So, in 2021, we are truly optimistic about category and industry growth and resumption of normalcy,” he added.

Talking about the future plans, Agarwal said it aims to establish its market presence aggressively by targeting new markets, new customers perhaps with some new offerings and collections.

“Our strategy for the next three years would be to be market leaders in the respective spaces of fabrics that the Donear Group is in right now, and be the first point of consideration for any customer walking into the store looking to buy fabric. We are enriching our product portfolio to be able to give any customer a fabric at his/her price point and for his/her design sensibilities,” he said.

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