Digital-first MG Motor also bets on traditional mediums for launch of Hector 2021

The automaker is vouching on a 360-degree marketing plan for its all-new Hector 2021. Emphasising the importance of digital, Gaurav Gupta, CCO, MG Motor India, tells how digital solutions can help solve almost any crisis

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Digital-first MG Motor also bets on traditional mediums for launch of Hector 2021

Gaurav Gupta

Morris Garages India has launched the all-new SUV MG Hector 2021, giving it a facelift and including technological advancements to enhance its overall appeal. And part of its reaching out plans includes targeting its current customer base.

In an interaction with, Gaurav Gupta, CCO, MG Motor India, said the automaker has panned out a 360-degree marketing plan, including all possible mediums — outdoor, radio, digital, print, TV — for the product.

“While we are a digital-first company, a large part of the allocation will be digital for sure, but depending on the market, our marketing plans get tweaked to work best in the respective markets. But digital will be the lead,” he said.

The agency 70 EMG has executed the launch campaign to deliver a cohesive experience to online viewers with the launch of the MY Hector 2021 and Hector Plus 7-Seater.

The online launch:

Asked how conducive are these online launches when compared to offline or on-ground, Gupta said, “In the future, there would not be any one clear platform — physical or virtual. Once the Covid situation is over, many of us would prefer the one-to-one connect. The importance of physical engagement will always remain. However, for efficiency and scale, there will be a combo of both in future. This new normal will be a fusion of both as we go into the future.”

Experiential and content marketing has been a key enabler for the MG brand in India. As it plans to continue its focus on driving differentiated customer experience via purposeful content and experiential marketing, it is innovating experiential engagements with differentiated approaches such as virtual, hybrid and physical events.

“We are taking cars to consumers’ houses for test drives and service. We are working to use AR and VR to showcase cars in homes and their environment for real-life experiences. Our launches have been very unique when we look at how others approach it in a very plain manner. We have got authenticity in our launches with real products, characters talking in person and making it very immersive by showcasing cars ourselves and not using pictures or gizmos,” he said.

Such customer experiences, added with product innovation, will be key enablers in maintaining and enhancing sales for its products, he feels. “Digital experience and engagements are key enablers to enhance the buying journey for new prospects. Our brand outlook is to be innovation-led, driven with purpose and working towards giving back to the community,” he said.

In terms of innovation, the newly launched product has been amped up with connected technology and the voice command system incorporates commands spoken in Hinglish.

Sharing his learning as a marketer from the Covid-19 crisis, he said, “Digital solutions can help solve almost any crisis, which may not be possible in the physical world. I learnt to be agile, flexible and can predict what can go wrong and how to solve it with enablers in the digital world.”

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