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Use both Dr. Fixit's LW+ and Dr. Fixit URP for effective water-proofing of homes, says latest campaign

The campaign by Ogilvy & Mather underlines the importance of using Dr. Fixit's LW+ along with Dr. Fixit URP for complete waterproofing solutions. It uses cricket analogy, saying these two products are just like cricket that cannot be played without the jodi of bat and ball

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Dr. Fixit, the water-proofing brand from Pidilite, unveiled a new campaign featuring actor Amitabh Bachchan with the aim to educate consumers about the importance of complete waterproofing in the construction of a new house. Bachchan carries on in the humorous yet witty vein in the campaign.

The latest Dr. Fixit campaign addresses the misunderstood belief that often makes people to use only Dr. Fixit LW+, leading to incomplete water-proofing of their new homes. It underlines the importance of using Dr. Fixit's LW+ along with Dr. Fixit URP for the most effective and complete waterproofing solution. The TVC underscores this point by using cricket analogy to say, “Like you cannot play cricket without the jodi of bat and ball, similarly you cannot do complete water-proofing without the jodi of Dr. Fixit LW+ and URP.”   

Since consumers tend to reach out to dealers and contractors for their waterproofing proofing problems, Dr. Fixit, along with the TVC, is undertaking two big initiatives.

The ‘Dukandaar se Salaahkar’ movement for the dealers, wherein dealers become waterproofing consultants for consumers. A unique QR code for each dealer will guide consumer to easy-to-understand water-proofing information delivered via Whatsapp in 11 Indian languages.

‘Atmanirbhar Contractor’ provides technical product information, application videos, etc., via a WhatsApp chatbot to contractors for various water-proofing situations on sites.

Vivek Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, Pidilite Industries, said, “Proper and complete water-proofing remains a vexed issue in Indian homes. Through this campaign, Dr. Fixit continues to educate consumers about the need to do complete waterproofing and makes it more accessible to consumers, contractors and dealers alike in easy ways across all touch-points. ”

Talha Bin Mohsin, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather, said, “People are used to using either Dr. Fixit LW+ or Dr. Fixit URP for waterproofing while making new houses, but complete waterproofing can only be achieved when both are used. To explain this, we decided to capitalise on cricket season with an analogy that would resonate with everyone, the bat and ball. Just like cricket can’t be played with only one of them, waterproofing too can't be done with just LW+ or URP, you need both. Sometimes, all it takes to change behaviour is explaining a complicated concept with extreme simplicity and a slice of fun.”

The TVC opens with Bachchan talking to a contractor at a construction site. Bachchan is shown probing the contractor when he says he doesn’t need both the products and he can manage with one. Bachchan has one bat in is hand. He gives another to the contractor and asks him to play cricket. He then takes out a ball and hands it to the contractor. He keeps another for himself. By citing this example, he then explains that just like both bat and ball are necessary to play a game of cricket, Dr. Fixit LW+ and URP are a perfect Jodi for complete waterproofing. He urges consumers to mix Dr. Fixit LW+ with cement and put a Dr. Fixit URP coating on the roof for a lasting and complete waterproofing.


Client: Dr. Fixit Team

Creative Team: Piyush Pandey. Talha Bin Mohsin, Mahesh Parab, Shahwan Kaikobad, Harshal Walwalkar

Account Management: Vivek Verma, Bhuvnesh Joshi, Ankit Shastri, Saral Kumar

Production House: Corcoise Films

Director: Prasoon Pandey

Producer: Cyrus Pagdiwala


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