Still operating in uncertain environment, impossible to make growth predictions for 2021, says Chaaya Baradhwaaj of BC Web Wise

Despite digital being the focus of brands during the pandemic, the specialised agencies have had a tough time maintaining their revenue. In a conversation with, Baradhwaaj, MD and Founder, talks about the overall industry outlook and how Covid-19 has affected the business

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Still operating in uncertain environment, impossible to make growth predictions for 2021, says Chaaya Baradhwaaj of BC Web Wise

Chaaya Baradhwaaj

In 2019, BC Web Wise had an ambitious target to grow 10x by 2021. The pandemic has had some effect on the overall ambitions but the agency is still hoping that it could continue to grow, even if not by 10x.

“We have progressed considerably, but it is too early to say how much we will grow when we close this year in March 2021. Our efforts and focus is on, in absolute unwavering terms,” Chaaya Baradhwaaj, MD and Founder, BC Web Wise, said.

BC Web Wise’s cash-flows were severely impacted in the first half of this year.

Baradhwaaj said it is not possible to really predict the growth for 2021 yet, as the agency is still operating in an uncertain environment.

The agency’s strategy for 2021 is to focus on demonstrating to clients the ROI digital can deliver and driving a full-funnel approach by putting all systems in place.

It witnessed IPL bringing in good investments on digital and deliver good ROI for some of its clients such as JK Lakshmi Cement, KEI wires, Astral Pipes, to name a few.

Baradhwaaj said the growing trend of clients expecting immediate results and faster turnaround than ever before is a bit of concern as they cannot avoid a learning curve.

The agency takes conscious efforts to work with clients who are also able to understand digital dynamics and ready to invest in the learning curve that can only drive much better and optimised results in the long run.  At the same time, it is working to minimise and optimise its turnaround time (TAT) across its digital services, be it creative assets, social listening, search or even media.

In this unprecedented year, the agency has on-boarded several new clients such as Firefox Bikes, Trident Industries, SBI General Insurance, SBI Cards, Kangaroo Kids Education, Eurokids, Dru Gold, DKT International (Zaroor condoms), plus video content projects for brands like Dabur Hajmola and Pudin Hara.

According to Baradhwaaj, be it network or independent ad agencies, all have faced challenges in a pandemic in terms of retaining and getting new business. However, she found layoffs at the digital counterparts of network agencies a bit surprising.

Baradhwaaj said clients that can tap digital opportunity are the ones that can help agencies sustain and grow operations. “I think we all have advantages and disadvantages; there is no one formula here. It depends on the clients we have, and the kind of clients we are able to on-board at this time, wherein those who can tap digital opportunity the best are the ones who can help you sustain and grow operations.”

Recently, BC Web Wise had partnered with Media Donuts to expand the agency’s advertising services. The collaboration with Media Donuts brings the agency’s clients the best of both worlds, sharp-media with the targeted ad-tech solutions and access to a huge number of ad exchanges that Media Donuts brings to the table, and on the other end BC Web Wise’s enviable creative sense. “The beneficiary is definitely going to be our client,” said Baradhwaaj.

Other than this strategic partnership, the agency is a Google-managed agency too, which means it gets a lot of support from Google to scale up. It gets Google support in deriving intelligence, beta products, exclusive insights and ROI-driven plan-build support for select clients.

“We are also focusing on weaving ecommerce and creator relationships. We already have certain tie-ups in place and are forging further, and stronger ones too,” Baradhwaaj said.

BC Web Wise Chaaya Baradhwaaj