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Firstpost’s parenting talk show 9 Months back with season 5

The new season will deal with issues revolving around toddlers and kids from the ages of two to four

A show that helps in a comprehensive breakdown of issues and topics around childcare and parenting, 9 Months by Firstpost is back with its fifth season on November 28. While the earlier seasons have focused on a myriad of topics ranging from use of social media in children to the importance of sex education, season 5 will deal with issues revolving around toddlers and kids from the ages of two to four.

Owing to the pandemic, the season has been shot virtually and will open the doors to discussions around the importance of timely vaccinations, creative expression in kids, foundational nutrition and a topic that is relevant right now; the safety of your kids in and beyond your homes. It will have a variety of guests ranging from celebrity mothers, real moms, doctors, educationists, and nutrition experts; all led by our celebrity anchor and a super mom herself, Maria Goretti.

Maria Goretti expressed her feelings about the show, “It’s been a complete pleasure coming on board with 9 Months season 5. This is a show that every new mom should be watching. It’s such a comprehensive show that I wish we had such a show when my kids were younger. In spite of having kids who are now teenagers, this show has made me realise that there are so many different approaches that a mother or a family can apply to a young child. It also touches base with today’s situation with the virus, the kind of safety, precaution and the kind of schooling we can give our kids. This show makes for a comprehensive bible for all young moms, and I’m just very pleased to be a part of it.”

Azim Lalani, COO, Brand Solutions and Convergence, Network18 spoke about the show and how the team managed to churn it out considering the current situation. “We haven’t let the odds beat us and the fifth season of 9 Months will soon be rolling in. This is the first ‘virtual’ shoot we have done for this talk show, considering the restrictive nature of the current scenario. Our core idea behind this show still remains the same, and we are still trying to create new content that would allow us to tap into the psyche of Indian parents, along with shedding light on topics and discussions that strike a chord with them. I’m sure this season will be met with a resounding response, much like the earlier seasons.”

Malika Sadani, Founder and CEO, The Moms Co., said, “My association with 9 Months was a special one as it took me down the memory lane and I enjoyed interacting with the panellists and Maria! As a mom of two and an entrepreneur solving for moms' concerns, I always look forward to connecting with other moms and sharing my journey at The Moms Co. and 9 Months helped me do just that." The Moms Co. is also the gifting partner on 9 Months Season 5.

9 Months Season 5 will be available to viewers on Firstpost, Voot and Momspresso. It will be co-powered by GSK and Asian Paints. Associate Partners are Nestle Ceregrow and Nestle Nangrow, while The Moms Co. is the Gifting Partner. Momspresso will also be the Knowledge Partner and Voot is on board as the OTT Partner.

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