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Eno launches four-film digital campaign targeting different consumer cohorts

The four-week campaign will have a reach of 52Mn+ across YouTube and other leading OTT Platforms (Disney Hotstar, Zee5, & Mxplayer) in four languages (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali)

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GSK Consumer Healthcare’s antacid brand Eno has launched its biggest-ever digital campaign on YouTube and leading OTT Platforms. The campaign has four different films targeting different consumer cohorts, each of which have been picked on the basis of consumer insights and learnings from the past campaigns. With this campaign, Eno reinforces its credentials as a trusted ally against acidity for all, driving consideration and salience through personalisation.

The campaign leverages the true power of digital for targeting, where a different creative is served to different audience on the basis of their digital affinities and demographics. The campaign distinguishes cohort’s basis unique insights picked up from each of the four sets of consumer sets and is delivered through a very interesting and engaging creative route of a sing-a-song (Gadbad Gadbad).

Late-night video consumption has gone up exponentially in the present times. For this audience, midnight snacking while binging on content is a given. Also, eating late at night and lack of sleep are among the top causes for acidity, and that’s where Eno steps in the picture to connect with this audience with a specific creative that runs from 10pm to 3am only.

While acidity incidence is pretty much evenly split across gender, historically, Eno’s protagonists have always been male. This is the first time on digital that the brand speaks specifically to the female audience on digital through a female protagonist, picking up on the life insight that resonates specifically with this audience.

For the first time, the brand is connecting with ‘young at heart’ — a slightly older quintessential foodie who just can’t control their cravings, and thus acidity remains a niggling concern in their lives.

There is a separate creative for the smaller town audience on the basis of their life insights — again being a first for Eno.

Vijay Sharma, Area Marketing Lead, OTC and Expert Marketing ISC, GSK Consumer Healthcare, added, “Considering Eno is a mass brand that plays a role in everyone’s life, our past campaigns have been based on fairly universal insights – connecting with the wide Eno TG. Digital gives us an opportunity to personalise our communication according to the audience affinities and demographics and for the first time, we have attempted to make specific communication for different audience cohorts, on the basis of their life insights, with an objective of driving saliency and brand love. The campaign mixes these life insights with an intersting sing-a-song approach, reinforcing Eno’s credential in helping consumers live their lives non-stop and the initial consumers response has been very encouraging.”

He said, “We are confident the approach of personalised communciation will resonate with our consumers and we look forward to bring more such innovation in messaging for all our consumers, both new and old.”

The four-week campaign will have an unprecedented reach of 52Mn+ across YouTube and all other leading OTT Platforms ( Disney Hotstar, Zee5, & Mxplayer) in four languages (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali).

The digital films:

For the late-night foodies:

For the young at heart:

For small time dwellers:

For the females:

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