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bluemarlin ties up with ITC to provide branding solutions for its personal care products

The brand acceleration agency redesigns and leads ITC’s product portfolio expansion to deliver confidence, expertise and trust among consumers

bluemarlin, a brand acceleration agency, has partnered with ITC’s Personal Care Products Business to help support and deliver design and branding solutions for its health and hygiene flagship brands Nimyle and Salvon.  With a mandate to communicate the proposition of expertise and effectiveness, bluemarlin worked with ITC to accelerate the launch of three new product offerings — NimWash Fruit and Vegetable Wash, Savlon Hexa soap and sanitizer range, and germ-protection wipes under the Savlon master brand.

 Bluemarlin harnessing its strengths in creative expertise, supported ITC’s accelerated pace of innovation with packaging design solutions.  bluemarlin was able to accelerate the design process with NimWash, Savlon Hexa and Savlon Wipes all hitting the shelves in an unprecedented eight weeks after the brief was shared. 

Ashwini Pable, Consulting Director, bluemarlin said, “The pandemic ushered in an era of unprecedented demand for cleanliness and hygiene products as consumers looked for effective ways to protect themselves and slow the spread of the coronavirus disease. For companies with expertise in this space, there was not only an opportunity but a responsibility to develop new products, strengthen communications, and affirm their commitment to provide superior protection. This is exactly what ITC, one of India’s leading FMCG giants, aspired to deliver to its customers through their innovation under the Salvon brand umbrella. Our mandate as their long-standing creative partner was clear — act swiftly to help them transform their vision of crafting an effective and innovative product portfolio to the final packaging design on the shelf and develop a deeper connection with their customers in such trying times as a reliable, effective and safe brand.”

She added, “Building on Savlon’s reputation for trusted family protection, with the Hexa range, we moved the brand’s packaging design seamlessly into advanced efficacy through its science-inspired brand mark. We needed the Hexa range to be immediately recognisable as Savlon and that’s why we used a combination of building on its recognisable orange cross brand equity and established design codes to move the packaging design into a more scientific space and so far the feedback from customers and its rapid growth in the market have been proof that the design and identity resonated well with their customers.”

ITC has launched nine products under Savlon during the pandemic such as disinfectant spray, mask, cloth spray, wipe, soap and body wash

Sameer Satpathy, Divisional Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business, ITC Limited, said, “Hygiene plays a pivotal role in wellbeing today. Leveraging ITC’s institutional strengths in insight-based innovation, agile distribution and synergistic partner network, the personal care products business has been able to offer a unique bouquet of products in health and hygiene. We value our partnerships across the product and value chain and bluemarlin has been very supportive in this new world order of accelerated innovation.”

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