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AI and machine learning to drive digital advertising growth in 2021, predicts Amlan Pati of realme India

realme plans to allocate majority of its 2021 advertising budget in digital, followed by TV, cinemas, print and radio

Amlan Pati

The year 2021 will see the growth of digital advertising, especially with artificial intelligence and machine learning taking precedence and enabling marketers to provide their audience with the exact content they desire, said Amlan Pati, Digital Director, realme India. 

Pati said realme’s marketing expenses are scheduled to be higher in 2021 to boost awareness of its AIoT (The Artificial Intelligence of Things) products.

"We also believe that our traditional ad spends are likely to remain on a par with digital,” said Pati.

Describing how the brand plans to add back the traditional channels, he said, “Considering that a lot of our target consumers are using online channels, our budget allocation is always digital-heavy followed by other mediums such as TV, cinemas, print, radio and other advertisements. We are expecting the situation to get closer to normal in the second quarter of 2021; so you would see us getting back to our regular allocation pattern.”

Along with this, the brand plans to do more interactive fan, media meets and will take its offline presence several notches higher with exclusive 300-500 realme smart stores across India.

“We want to connect with our fans at a deeper level and would like to bring more thrilling on-ground launch events, fan galas and fan events that bring them closer to realme. Some of the fan events are already happening virtually due to the pandemic. The aim will be to create a stronger rapport with plenty of engagements next year,” he said.

Pati said how he expects the brand’s content partners to capture the changing habits and develop more relatable communications as consumers are looking for a more empathetic, responsive and humane connection.

Trends to watch out for in 2021 in the smartphone category

Smartphone shipments are expected to register healthy Y-o-Y growth, continuing into 2021, Pati said.

“New launches with segment-leading features across different pricing tiers, online and offline channel presence, expansion of 4G/LTE networks and increasing disposable income are expected to drive further smartphone penetration,” he said.

5G is a trend globally and India is expected to embrace this trend more in the new year.

“There will be more 5G-ready smartphones in the market to get consumers' future-ready. Many AIoT categories will see a positive increase in 2021. The lockdown brings more demand for home entertainment devices such as smart TV and sound bars. TWS (True Wireless Stereo) and neckband phones markets will continue to grow since people are used to having meetings or get connected by online meetings and video calls,” he said.

With the aim to emerge as the one-stop destination for trendsetting AIoT products, it wants to be the leading brand and aims to launch 100+ new AIoT and lifestyle products in 2021 with a comprehensive AIoT range.

“Three years down the line and continuing on the same growth trajectory, we aim to be the leading tech-lifestyle brand in India and globally,” he said.

The brand recently unveiled its mascot and realme trend officer (CTO) ‘realmeow’ to build on its vision to be a tech-trendsetter. Besides strengthening its brand identity, the mascot will reinforce top-of-mind awareness among the users. 

Pati said, “realmeow will be an integral part of our messaging and communication going forward, and it will help us further bring together the realme community by inspiring them to break the barriers and explore their inner talents. It is fearless and brave, and lives its life to the fullest. We want to encourage our users, the youth, around the globe to lead their life with a similar approach, trust themselves and take that leap of faith to pursue their dreams and passion.”

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