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After three decades of operations, Eureka Forbes Ltd goes for a new brand positioning with a new vision

‘A healthy world. A protected you. A happy us, revisited for the changing times’ is the new vision statement. A new logo has been announced along with a new symbol a combination of ‘Positive’ and ‘Symbol’— Posibol

Health and hygiene brand Eureka Forbes Limited has unveiled a new brand positioning. After three decades of operations, a new vision, mission and logo have been introduced to take forward the brand’s philosophy of ‘friend for life’.

‘A healthy world. A protected you. A happy us, revisited for the changing times’ is the new vision statement, which spells trust, authenticity and health.

In a pursuit of thriving in challenging times and leaving behind footprints of a positive difference is the inspiration behind this new identity. This spirit has resulted in a symbol, which is the combination of ‘Positive’ and ‘Symbol’. Posibol is a symbol of moving forward and upward with the focus on being ready for tomorrow. Posibol signifies building a new world of Eureka Forbes, a place made especially for the customers, partners and society, where they know that they are cared for, place blind trust on the experts when it comes to their health, a shield that protects their loved one’s health. The Posibol sign embedded in the logo signifies a new world made for customers, partners and society – one that leaves a positive footprint.

The vision of the organisation has been revisited for the changing times and is now envisaged as: ‘A healthy world. A protected you. A happy us.’ The world is ever changing and dynamic and for an organisation to stay with the current times, it must keep adapting to constantly improve. Eureka Forbes resolution to provide health and hygiene to its customers through the most advanced products is sustained and the new identity sings the same tune. For the 3+ decades of its existence, Eureka Forbes has not only promised but also practised its claim of being ‘Friends for Life’ to their huge customer base. With a promise so pure they aim to make the world a better place by being proactively involved in activities that help the society, going that extra mile to make the world a better place.

Eureka Forbes houses a huge family of brands, one of which is Aquaguard. The new Aquaguard logo is designed with the focus of strengthening this association with water by having a droplet in the logo. These water droplets in the new Aquaguard logo signify a deep association with water over the years. It has been designed with global benchmarks and reflects the new philosophy, which is simplistic, fluid and purposeful.

Marzin Shroff, CEO and Managing Director, Eureka Forbes Limited, said, “Our focus continues to be the health of consumers with a commitment to filling a need gap in their lives. With the new brand identity, we aim to move forward and upward by being curious, empowered and resilient. We are thrilled to embark on this new journey and to make industry benchmarks that are meaningful and innovative.”

The brand recently introduced Ayur, a water purifier that dispenses water infused with the goodness of seven Ayurvedic herbs and spices. Upcoming product launches include a unique vacuum cleaner, the Forbes Robo Vac and Mop, coupled with a cordless vacuum cleaner and the Forbes DiWa – a surface disinfectant generator.

There will be two consumer-facing brands across categories of cleaning, air, health conditioners, security systems – Aquaguard and Forbes. Brands such as Euroclean, Forbes Vacuum Cleaners, Dr Aeroguard, Aeroguard, Forbes Health Conditioners, Eurovigil, Eurosecure are now part of the Forbes brand. The rest will be clubbed under the Aquaguard brand.

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