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Zee Biskope continues festivities with ‘Litti Chokha Diwas’

The channel curates Nestle Munch and Fortune Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil co-present Litti Chokha Diwas. The brand launches an anthem and an animation video that narrates Litti Chokha ki kahani unhi ke zubani (self-narration by Litti Chokha)

During celebrations and festivals, food binds the family together. When it comes to the Bhojpuri heartland, there’s nothing better than Litti Chokha that makes occasions special. Litti Chokha is not just a dish but the identity of the region. It has proved its worth even beyond the boundaries of the country. Be it in the reel or real life, Litti Chokha has been celebrated as the authentic avatar of Bhojpuri cuisine. Keeping the festivities rolling beyond Chhath, Bhojpuri movie channel Zee Biskope curates Nestle Munch and Fortune Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil co-present Litti Chokha Diwas on November 27 for its viewers.

Rejoicing the delicacy, the brand launches yet another series of category first — an anthem and an animation video that narrates Litti Chokha ki kahani unhi ke zubani (self-narration by Litti Chokha). The video personifies Litti and Chokha where Litti is a popular, self-made woman who is in love with Chokha. However, Chokha — a Casanova has switching loyalties which disappoints Litti. Nevertheless, they both know that they complete each other and are madly in love with.

While the video depicts the love between the couple Litti and Chokha, it’s now time for viewers to also show their love for their favourite dish. Viewers are invited to share how they enjoy Litti Chokha in different ways. Whether they enjoy it with chilli sauce instead of green chutney, or when catching up with friends, with families on special occasion or on dates, as an evening snack or on breakfast, the authentic version or a self-invented variation. They need to share the message, their photo with their favourite Litti Chokha along with their name and location on the brand’s Whatsapp number 9169315016 within December 7. The best entries will be featured on Zee Biskope TV and social platforms.

Samrat Ghosh, Cluster Head East, ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Ltd., said, “As a brand, we take pride in curating novel viewer engagement drives that give us the opportunity to connect with our audience with offerings that celebrate their culture, foster the bond and affinity with the brand as well as expand our footprints by reaching out to incremental audience across the region. The success of our past engagement campaigns has set a benchmark in the category and paved way to cater value offerings to our advertisers who look for maximising their reach through our platform. This is evidenced by the fact that we have noted brands associating with our viewer engagement drives.”

Amarpreet Singh Saini

Amarpreet Singh Saini, Business Head, Zee Biskope and Big Ganga, said, “Extending the festive extravaganza, Litti Chokha Diwas will be Zee Biskope’s first initiative in the food category that takes the hyper local Bhojpuri entertainment through the gastronomical filter. The Litti-Chokha anthem blended with the animation video is yet another category first catered to the youth audience in their preferred way. It projects the brand’s obsession in consumer centrism, bringing alive the cultural vibrancy of the region and establishing the channel as a truly movie plus brand.” 

Zee Biskope brings together their audience’s love for this traditional snack and their merriment during festivals. The flavoursome initiative of ‘Litti Chokha Diwas’ witnesses the earthiness of Bhojpuri culture in an offering that binds the entire region together.

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