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Traditional mediums will soon make a comeback and start delivering ROI, says Acer India’s Sooraj Balakrishnan

In a conversation with, Acer India’s Marketing Head says though digital and streaming platforms will be key in any media mix, the traditional mediums that were hit during the pandemic will soon make a comeback and deliver the desired ROI

Sooraj Balakrishnan

As the culture of work from home and online education is likely to be a part of our regular routine longer than expected, the sales of laptops would remain high over the next few months.  

Acer India, a leading brand in the laptop category, is ensuring it remains among the top names in terms of mind share. In a conversation with, Sooraj Balakrishnan, Head, Marketing, said the company is focusing on solutions that are relevant for the new normal. 

“This festive season, we have looked at different mediums as a solution to marketing objectives rather than comparison. We feel using lower funnel data through demand side platforms gave us good ROIs across the board,” he said.

Balakrishnan said as consumers get back to some kind of normalcy, the brand expects traditional mediums to make a comeback and start delivering the kind of ROIs that the marketers expect.

According to Balakrishnan, the brand is focusing on solutions that are relevant for the new normal, such as re-looking at the media-mix to build the right ROI and focusing on truly incremental marketing outcomes. “I would say mediums like digital, streaming platforms, etc., will be key but like any brand, we will move where the audience is and that’s natural as any brand will want to maximise ROI.”

With Sonu Sood coming on board as Acer’s brand ambassador, the brand feels this is a great way to reflect what it stands for — which is breaking barriers between people and technology and playing an integral role in the new digital-first India.

“We believe both online and offline shopping is equally important. A large portion of customers prefer retail purchases with touch and feel. For us, both play a crucial role in taking our brand to our customers and a key component for growth. We are using both traditional and digital marketing to shore up sales this festive season,” said Balakrishnan.

Acer has been witnessing a steady improvement since both e-commerce and offline retail resumed across India. “People are motivated to purchase higher-end and premium laptops as they prefer more powerful thinner, stylish laptops, which match the aspirational lifestyle. We are hopeful our consumer PC business will continue to stay strong.”

“As the world moves to a digital work and learning space, Acer will play a critical role in the digital transformation,” Balakrishnan said.

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