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Maharashtra to formulate policy on entertainment sector, plans to give it industry status

The decision was taken in the 43rd General Meeting of Maharashtra Film, Theatre and Cultural Development Corporation held under the chairmanship of Amit Deshmukh, State Cultural Affairs Minister, Maharashtra, who issued directions in this regard

The Maharashtra government has decided to come up with a policy for the entertainment sector in the state.

In the 43rd General Meeting of the Maharashtra Film, Theatre and Cultural Development Corporation, state Cultural Affairs Minister Amit Deshmukh issued directions to submit a proposal for a policy for the entertainment sector and accord industry status to it.

The need for a policy on entertainment arose as Maharashtra produces a large number of Marathi, Hindi and other regional language films, television series, commercials and documentaries. While many artists are working in the field of entertainment, this sector is creating a lot of allied jobs and career opportunities.

The General Meeting was held under the chairmanship of Deshmukh, who said Maharashtra's economy is boosted by the entertainment sector and there is hope for further growth. For this, efforts will be made to attract filmmakers to other filming locations in the state besides Mumbai, he said.

The issues discussed in the three-day webinar organised by the corporation would be included in the proposed policy.

The corporation has maintained its tradition of paying dividends for the last 15 years and Chitranagari is one of the few for-profit corporations. This tradition will continue in the future as well. Deshmukh expressed confidence that the corporation would play an important role not only at the economic level but also at the policy level in the coming years.

The general meeting also discussed annual accounts for the year 2019-20. The 5% dividend for the year 2019-20 was declared in the meeting and the total amount with the dividend is Rs 1 crore 41 lakh.

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