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Licious celebrates the joy of freshness in its campaign

The films by Ogilvy take a light-hearted approach, showing how great quality meat and seafood wins hearts every time

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Licious, a food brand operating in the meat and seafood category, has launched a campaign with an attempt to solve the secret behind every great meat dish. In a series of films spread across their raw and fresh, marinated meats and meat-based spreads portfolio, the brand unravelled the secret of a great tasting dish — the freshest of meat and seafood… free of antibiotics, artificial preservatives, colour or flavour.

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Meghna Apparao, Chief Business Officer, Licious, said, “We are not just a meat and seafood brand; we are in the business of creating delicious meat dishes and memories. And every unforgettable meal is made with only one ingredient— the freshest meat and fish. The current brand campaign employs visual storytelling to bring this insight to life with a series of films. Our obsession with quality and consumer centricity has been instrumental in leading the category through product innovation, tech intervention and supply chain transformation. Even as we make our way through a pandemic, Licious continues to be synonymous with freshness and superior quality. Because Licious Fresh is Delicious Fresh.”

Licious has worked with Ogilvy to portray the emotions a delicious meat dish evokes from meat lovers. The research conducted indicates that the prominent consumer insight is the idea of enjoyment that one derives from a great meat dish. An ardent meat lover is excited in being able to juice out the most pleasure possible from eating meat— pleasure in the meat itself or the experiences surrounding it.

“The greatest chef or the greatest recipe in the world cannot hide a mediocre or a poor-quality meat. The thing about Licious is the way they source their meat, the way they pack their meats, the way they ensure that the freshest of meats get to our homes. This quality of Licious is what we have focused on in the new campaign,” said Piyush Pandey, CCO, Worldwide and Executive Chairman, India, Ogilvy.

The campaign sees manifestation through digital films, print ads, OOH, and regional language TVCs other than its ramification across all brand assets. The films take a light-hearted approach, showing how great quality meat and seafood wins heart every time! Brought to life through banter between friends and family members the films showcase how delectable, drool-worthy dishes practically makes themselves with the magic of Licious meats and seafood.

The campaign is targeted at national audience.


Agency: Ogilvy, India

CCO, Worldwide and Executive Chairman, India: Piyush Pandey

Executive Creative Director: Sujoy Roy

Creative Team: Gour K. Mukherjee, Dhruv Mookerji, Angad Singh and Amrita Dutt

Managing Partner (South): Tithi Ghosh

Account Management: Akshatha Poojari, Arusha Mohanakrishnan and Nabanita Chatterjee

Executive Vice President (Planning): Anirban Roy

Planning Team: Siddharth Mohanty and Aesha Das

Production House: Oink Films

Director: Shirsha Guha Thakurta

Producer: Ramya Rao

DOP: Vikas Sivaraman

Food Stylist: Richa Talwar

Music Director: The Jam Room

Editor: Ernest

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