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ITC Foods doesn’t give in to trolls, says allegations about Bingo ad are false and erroneous

The brand hasn’t pulled down its ad and has requested consumers to not fall prey to such mischievous posts. The brand’s reaction came after Twitteratis trolled ITC Foods Bingo! with #BoycottBingo, alleging they made fun of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput in its ad ‘Beta aage kya plan hai’

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ITC Foods has replied back to online trolls over its latest ad featuring actor Ranveer Singh to promote its chips brand Bingo. Netizens alleged both the brand and the actor made fun of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput in the advertisement titled, ‘Beta aage kya plan hai’.

Speaking on the allegation, an ITC Foods Spokesperson said, “A completely false, erroneous and mischievous message is being posted/circulated alleging that an advertisement of Bingo! is making fun of a late Bollywood celebrity. Such kind of erroneous messages are knowingly spreading falsehood. We request you to not fall prey to such mischievous posts.”


According to the Spokesperson, the recent Bingo! advertisement was shot more than a year ago in October 2019. It is being aired this year because of the delay in the launch of Bingo! Mad Angles Cheese Nachos and Bingo! Mad Angles Pizza due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The film:


The controversial advertisement shows Ranveer Singh attending a house party when an elder person asks him about his future plans. Soon, several uncles and aunties suggest ideal plans while Ranveer, after having a Bingo chip, utters scientific terms such as 'photon', 'algorithm' and 'paradox' to shut down the relatives.

And as soon as the confused relatives walk away, Ranveer says the only solution to such tricky questions is by using a 'mad angle'.

After the advertisement was released, social media users took offence, considering how words such as 'photon', 'algorithm' and 'paradox' were included in the script to take a jibe at late actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who loved talking about science, stars and all things space.

Consequently, the advertisement led Twitterati to believe that Ranveer was making fun of Sushant and so they demanded that it be pulled down and trended #BoycottBingo to express their anger over the ad.

The brand, which says the allegations are false, hasn’t pulled the ad down.

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