India TV launches comedy show Fakir-e-Azam

Set in the Pakistani Prime Minister's office, Fakir-E-Azam is a political satire that focuses on the day-to-day struggles Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan faces in his office

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India TV launches comedy show Fakir-e-Azam

This festive season, India TV has launched a comedy show Diwali Dhamaaka - “Fakir-e-Azam”. Set in the Pakistani Prime Minister’s office Fakir-E-Azam is a political satire that focuses on the day to day struggles of the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, that he faces in his office.

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The show follows Khan, as he goes about his daily routine, calling heads of various countries trying to get his agenda across, but no one seems to take him seriously, instead they make fun of him, threaten him and humiliate him, the situation reaches a point where he gets frustrated and ends up making fun of himself.

Khan is often seen mumbling to himself that no one listens to him, as most people he calls keep the phone down without listening to what he has to say. Besides trying to connect with heads of other countries Khan is seen struggling with the problems within his own ranks and often trying to solve issues caused by their actions. Besides all this the most important thing that Khan wants to talk about is India and how he feels threatened by Modi’s regime as they take immediate action as compared to the previous regime who did nothing.

The other thing that features in Khan’s conversation, which also gives the show its title Fakir-e-Aazam,  is the fact that Pakistan’s economy is in shambles, it is literally a bankrupt state and that is why Khan is asking everyone for money specially China, by painting a sorry picture of Pakistan.

The show Fakir-e-Azam tries to be as current to the situation in Pakistan, but also touches topics that have been permanent fixture of the countries landscape, terrorism and Kashmir. Renowned voiceover and character artist Vishwas Kapoor creates some hilarious moments to this show as he plays the Pakistani Prime Minister Khan.

India TV Fakir-e-Azam