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Birla White launches film #DeewaronKiSuno, in support of painter community this Diwali

Conceptualised and executed by Autumn Grey, the film is a simple reminder to the audience to spread happiness in the lives of people who depend on people like us in the economic cycle

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Birla White, a unit of Ultratech Cement and a part of the Aditya Birla Group, has launched a heart-warming brand film urging people to come out in support of the painter community this festive season.

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The ongoing Covid-19 situation has impacted the economy at a global level. The lockdown restrictions meant millions of businesses shutting down and seizing income of individuals. This specially affected the daily-wage earners in India who depend on a day-to-day basis to sustain their livelihood.

Before the onset of the festive season every year, India sees a spike in the number of people renovating their homes. This tradition has been followed since many years because cleaning/ renovating the house is considered as a good omen. However, the current Covid-19 situation and social distancing measures has had major consequences on the painter community of India. With no assignments even during the otherwise peak season, their misery doesn’t seem to end.

Recently, #DeewaronKiSuno, an intellectual property was launched by Birla White. This campaign highlights stories from the perspective of all the different things that the white walls in every house have encountered during the pandemic.

“The idea for the festive campaign ‘Deewarein Sajengi Tabhi toh Tyohaar Ki Rangat Badhegi’, and therefore urging people to #DeewaronKiSuno, generated from this exact scenario. Birla White wanted to spread a simple reminder to the audience to spread happiness in the lives of people who depend on people like us in the economic cycle,” said Abhijeet Kumar, Vice-President Marketing, Birla White.

He added, “Through our brand film, we wanted to convey a simple yet thought-provoking message of how one small decision can elevate the current financial situation of many people during this festive season, and can be a significant step towards a stronger economy.”

This heart-warming film conceptualised and executed by Autumn Grey is live on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube on Birla White pages and is heavily shared on WhatsApp. The shoot was done in Mumbai, ensuring all safety measures levied by the Government.

Bodh Deb, Vice-President and Branch Head, AutumnGrey, said, “Our team felt that Birla White as a brand has an opportunity to really connect with its painters community at an emotional level keeping the current scenario in mind. The insight and idea was simple yet powerful. The painter community needed to get work this Diwali since they have already suffered huge loss of work due to the pandemic and its aftereffects and that’s what inspired the AutumnGrey team to conceptualise this story that had all the required ingredients to strike the right emotional chord with Birla White’s end consumers, i.e. homeowners, and to inspire them to paint their homes this Diwali too, just like they had last year.”

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